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More and more people are trying CBD every day to enjoy the many potential health and wellness benefits it has to offer. CBD infused food was one of the top culinary trends last year as people got creative with their daily CBD doses by adding it to everything from CBD-infused cupcakes to CBD-infused lattes. You can even find CBD-infused food items at some of the top restaurants and cafes in the United States.

However, CBD-infused brownies are still one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD while enjoying the rich chocolatey taste that is enhanced by the earthy taste of CBD oil. Most people have their own recipe for creating the perfect CBD brownies according to the dose and type of CBD product they are using.

Here are some tips to help you make the perfect batch of CBD brownies for your next weekend Netflix binge-watching session:

Choosing the Right Strain

Tossing in just any old strain of CBD oil into your brownie batter will not provide the best possible experience and might even ruin the taste of the entire batch. Cannabis oil comes in different strains that have varying tastes, aromas, and effects according to the potency of the cannabinoids. Choosing the strain is important, and you need to make sure it will give the desired effects, such as make you feel calm and sleepy or happy and energetic. You can consult with a cannabis expert to help you choose the right strain for the best results.

Adjusting the Dosage to Your Liking

The next step is adding the right dosage of CBD to your brownie batter. While the recipe might instruct you to add a certain amount of CBD oil, you can always adjust it according to your liking. You need to decide how potent you want your brownies to be and add a little less or a little more than the suggested amount.

Add Some Mint!

Some people don’t like the flavor of CBD oil or its earthy smell. A great way to offset the flavor and smell of CBD is by adding some fresh mint leaves to your brownies. Chocolate and mint go very well together, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the taste of the brownie by adding mint leaves. Just make sure you mince them finely so that they will mix well with the batter.

A bowl with carefully measured ingredients for making brownies

Measure Carefully

People who are used to making brownies all the time usually mix the batter without measuring out the ingredients to the exact amount suggested in the recipe. That’s perfectly fine if you are making regular brownies, with CBD brownies, you need to be a little more careful. Make sure you measure every ingredient carefully, especially the CBD oil, to prevent the brownie ingredients from overpowering the CBD or vice versa.

Stir It All!

The final step is mixing the batter properly to make sure you get the right consistency and mix in the CBD oil perfectly. If you don’t stir it well enough, you’ll end up with some pieces that are more potent to the point of overpowering because of the stronger concentration of CBD oil in that area. Just make sure all the ingredients along with the CBD oil are carefully incorporated into a smooth batter before pouring it into the pan and baking it!

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