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What an honor to have health and nutrition expert and UCLA professor, Susan Smith Jones, PhD talk about the incredible health benefits of the herbs and super foods in Slender Cider. Susan is the author of 27 books on holistic health and nutrition and she formerly taught health and fitness at UCLA for 30 years.

After offering Slender Cider to her clients, Susan also came up with some very creative ways to use Slender Cider to enhance it’s healing attributes, like the Slender Cider Tomato Smoothie.  Here’s her recipe: just add 2-3 ripe tomatoes to a blender. Add one stalk of celery, 1/3 cup cashews, and 1-2 tablespoons of Slender Cider. Susan says it’s like a Bloody Mary without the alcohol, but with the Zing! And a lot more nutrition . . .

Susan Smith Jones loves Slender Cider

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