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Have you seen this story in First for Women Magazine about how Rena’s Organic 1000 mg. CBD Pain Relief Cream completely cured Cindy of her headaches and chronic pain, after a serious fall on her bike?

Cindy was so skeptical to even try CBD, having been sober for almost a decade now, and not wanting to put anything into her body that might alter her. A health professional assured her that there was nothing mind-altering in the high potency CBD pain relief cream.

What most impressed Cindy was that her boyfriend, Keith, was having incredible results using the 1000 mg. CBD pain relief cream on an old back injury that had flared up.

Desperate to find relief from her throbbing pain and exhaustion, she decided to give it a try. Immediately after rubbing the Rena’s Organic CBD cream on her forehead, Cindy felt relief.

Still skeptical, she didn’t want to give the CBD cream the credit. For days she continued to apply it. Miraculously, she kept getting the same wonderful results. This natural cure for her migraines was working!

Cindy was elated. After months of just laying around, enduring excruciating chronic pain and fatigue, she finally felt alive again. What a joy to get back to the active lifestyle she had previously enjoyed before falling off her bike.

Now, Cindy is dancing, riding bikes (and horses!) and making music again. Read the whole story at First for Women Magazine – Natural Remedy Cures Chronic Pain.

First Magazine Features Rena’s Organic CBD Pain Relief Cream to Ease Even the Most Chronic Injury

First for Women magazine CBD story

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