Jan on CBD 1500 mg. for her Down's Syndrome son

CBD Helps Son

My husband, Barry is an acupuncture physician in Bradenton, Florida. Many of his patients just rave about the Rena’s Organic CBD. We are so grateful to the many doctors in our area who are referring their patients to us for our medical grade CBD. In fact, some are so impressed with the results for their…

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Unpacking the Benefits of Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is a cyanobacteria powder that’s extracted from natural algae.If harvested properly, it can have a number of health advantages and is a recommended food source,especially for vegetarians. Here’s why you should incorporate spirulina in your diet. It’s a Nutrient Powerhouse Spirulinais packed with valuable micro- and macronutrients and is considered to be a Super Food.…

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