Unpacking the Benefits of Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is a cyanobacteria powder that’s extracted from natural algae.If harvested properly, it can have a number of health advantages and is a recommended food source,especially for vegetarians. Here’s why you should incorporate spirulina in your diet. It’s a Nutrient Powerhouse Spirulinais packed with valuable micro- and macronutrients and is considered to be a Super Food.…

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Oregano: 4 Powerful Benefits

Oregano: a Powerful Anti-Oxidant Oregano is a common spice found in Italian Restaurants worldwide–and in most household kitchens as well.  It turns out that Oregano has been used since Ancient times, not just to flavor food, but medicinally as well. Oregano is a powerful anti-oxidant, antibiotic and anti-bacterial herb with powerful healing properties. The active ingredient…

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