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CBD consumption is gentle, supportive, and safe for the everyday person. But, with the rise of popularity surrounding cannabidiol, a lot of people are getting curious about its function in the body. Specifically, many consumers want to know: how long does CBD stay in your system?

Today, Rena’s Organic is covering the ins and outs of CBD consumption and how long the cannabinoid stays in your body. Along with this, we’ll talk about the different factors that affect the timing, breaking down how different CBD products work uniquely. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be more confident about CBD in your system — as well as the implications it might bring for drug tests. Let’s get started.

CBD’s Unique Properties

Before we talk about how long CBD stays in the system, it’s important to establish the cannabinoid’s uniqueness. In general, CBD does not act the same in every person. So, not everybody will experience the same effects nor will everyone find identical benefits. This is also the same with how long it stays in the body: it simply depends!

CBD functions in the body by working alongside your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS controls a myriad of biological functions, helping to regulate your appetite, mood, sleep, and more. When you consume CBD, the compound travels throughout the body, looking for places in need of support. As you know, your body chemistry isn’t the same as anyone else’s, so it’s unlikely that you’re going to have the exact same CBD experience as someone else. You have to keep this in mind when basing your time off of someone else’s CBD journey.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

Now that we’ve established that not all CBD experiences are the same, let’s talk about how long it stays in the system. As you could probably guess, there is not a straightforward answer to this question. Like we mentioned, we all have different results with CBD; some people may have CBD linger in their bodies longer than others. However, there are some factors to consider that influence how long CBD stays in the system that can help you determine your own situation.

So, how long does CBD stay in your system? Let’s find out.

The Factors: Tolerance

A huge determining factor surrounding CBD consumption is your tolerance. The more you’ve consumed CBD, the higher of a chance your body has of building the substance up in the body. Those who have experienced cannabidiol more than others will have residual cannabinoids in their body longer than someone who has only tried it once or twice. This is simply how it works with cannabinoids like CBD: they build up over time!

If you’re trying to determine how long your CBD may stay in your system, consider your tolerance. How often do you consume CBD? What about THC? Are these substances you consume every day, or maybe just a few times a week or month? Those who consume CBD daily will have the cannabinoid built up in their body consistently — because that’s how the cannabinoid is meant to get its job done. However, your body is likely to rid itself of CBD in just a few days’ time if it’s something you don’t consume often.

Body Chemistry

Another factor you have to consider when figuring out how long CBD stays in your system is body chemistry. (I know, we’ve used that term a lot already.) Your body chemistry is individualistic and has a direct influence over CBD’s properties.

Those who have higher body mass, for example, are likely to have CBD in their bodies for longer than those with lower body mass. That is because CBD binds to fat. The less fat you have, the harder of a time the cannabinoid will have staying in your body. So, if you weigh more than your friend taking CBD, you may have to take a slightly larger dose than them to get the effects you want; on the same note, your dose will stay in your system for a longer period of time.

This tends to go along with weight, but those with faster metabolisms will also process and work through CBD faster than those with slower metabolisms. Things like your diet also affect how long CBD stays in the body because, as we mentioned, the fattier the foods, the more clingy your cannabinoids get.

Consumption Method

Finally, how you consume your CBD plays a significant role in how long it will linger in your body. Products like CBD topicals don’t even reach your bloodstream, so they won’t be present in your body very long at all. On the other hand, CBD edibles are much more concentrated, and the concentrated CBD takes a while to work through. You have to consider the type of CBD you’re consuming when determining how long it may stay in your system.

Along with how you’re consuming, you have to consider how much you’re consuming. It may go without saying, but the higher potency of the product, the longer its cannabinoids are going to hang around. If you tend to go for the higher level strengths, you’re going to have the CBD in your body for longer than someone who opts for a more mild experience. So, if you’re consuming cannabidiol but don’t want it in your system for too long, sticking with a low-dose option like CBD oil or a vape (though not recommended for the reasons outlined in Rena’s Book: CBD for Health and Wellness: Questions You Should be Asking)  is a good option. Again, your body chemistry and personal tolerance will still influence effects, but this is an excellent way to ensure the compound isn’t in your body for too long.

Now, let’s talk about two of the most common CBD consumption methods: edibles and oils. These two products are drastically different, despite coming from the same plant. With these differences come a juxtaposition of how long one stays in the system compared to the other. As we established, they definitely don’t have the same breakdown time. So, we’re here to explain: how long does edible CBD stay in your system versus CBD oil?

How Long Does Edible CBD Stay In Your System?

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System

Like we’ve stressed throughout this whole piece, the number of days cannabis stays in your system will vary from person to person. However, most people find that CBD is present in the body anywhere from three days to about a week and a half later. However, some consumers may discover CBD in their bodies nearly 14 days after. It just depends. But why do edibles hang around in the system so much longer than other products? This comes down to the way your body metabolizes the infused treats.

In general, it takes longer for edibles to take effect than any other CBD product. For example, when you smoke CBD flower, the results get to work immediately — and they fade pretty quickly, as well. This simply isn’t the case for edibles. Your body must first break down and digest the edible, and then cannabinoids can begin to travel throughout the bloodstream. This process alone can take one to two hours, and then you can experience effects for the rest of the day. As you can imagine, though, this means it takes a reasonable amount of time for all the cannabinoids to leave your system.

If you’ve just had one CBD edible, it’ll probably stay in your system for 3-5 days. But, if you love edible CBD and consume it frequently, you can expect to have the cannabinoid linger in your body for weeks, even months at a time. Also, consider the potency of the edible. How strong it was will also affect the amount of time the cannabinoids stay present.

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay In Your System?

Okay, but what about CBD oil? How long does CBD oil stay in your system? Again, this will differ, but CBD oil may stay around for anywhere from 3 days to a week or so. CBD oil will last longer in the body than vapes or flower, but it doesn’t linger as long as edibles because the concentration isn’t quite as high.

When you consume CBD oil, the most effective method is to place a few drops under the tongue and let it absorb into your sublingual glands. This allows the CBD to go straight into your bloodstream and get to work quickly, within just a few minutes. (This is quite a difference from CBD edibles.) The effects from your oils will likely last a few hours, but not as long as your edibles will. However, because of this, some people find themselves taking more doses of CBD oil to keep the effects steady. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but it does mean that you will have a consistent buildup of CBD that won’t leave your body for weeks, even months like you’d see with edibles.

So, remember, CBD oil may stay in your body for less than a week if you’re not a daily consumer.

Can You Fail a Drug Test With CBD?

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System

With how long CBD stays in your system, it begs the question: can you fail a drug test because of CBD? Unfortunately, the answer here isn’t incredibly straightforward, either.

If you’re worried about pure CBD, no: you will not fail a drug test. Drug tests are not looking for CBD, and they do not currently have the technology to only test for cannabidiol. Instead, drug tests are typically searching for the presence of THC — not CBD. So, if you consume pure CBD products, you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to drug testing.

However, things get a little tricky when full-spectrum blends come around. Even though full-spectrum products only contain a minute amount of THC, this amount has the potential to build up over time. This means that a drug test could detect the small doses of THC you have in your body, creating a false-positive result. Along these same lines, some brands may not be accurate with their THC percentages, leading customers to believe there is less THC in the product than there actually is. Situations like these are not uncommon, and it has resulted in people failing their drug tests. Because of this, you always want to double-check with a brand’s third-party lab-test results before making a purchase.

For those who have to take regular drug tests, staying away from full-spectrum blends is best. Instead, you should opt for pure CBD products like CBD isolate or even better, Broad Spectrum, which still has the whole plant, but without THC. CBD isolates don’t contain any THC, so there’s no concern of accidental consumption.

The bottom line here is that, while CBD won’t make you fail a drug test, some CBD products can simply because of their ingredients. Consume with caution, double-check your brand’s ingredients, and steer clear of THC if you’re worried about failing drug tests from your CBD.

Understanding CBD Concentration With Rena’s Organic

Here at Rena’s Organic, we understand how confusing the world of CBD can be. But, that’s why we’re here to make it as easy as possible to navigate. Even though we all have unique experiences and results with the cannabinoid, we want to make sure you fully understand the characteristics behind this hemp-based compound.

Rena’s Organic offers high-quality CBD products with both full-spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate (CBD SuperFood) blends depending on your lifestyle. We don’t use any THC with our CBD powder, so you can confidently enjoy your dose without worry. Or, if you don’t mind consuming some THC alongside your CBD, our full-spectrum CBD products are the way to go.

No matter what your go-to products are, take the time to consider the consumption method, the potency, and your body chemistry before enjoying. Doing this is the best way to ensure that you’re consuming the right CBD product and that you’re aware of how long the cannabinoids might linger in the body. Since the results are different for everyone, the best way to find out how long CBD stays in your body is to try some for yourself. Turn to Rena’s Organic for all the CBD product options you could want, and pick out the best ones for your health and wellness today.


How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System? 

The quick answer is that it depends. Individual factors can affect how long CBD stays in your system, including the amount of CBD you take, how often you use it, and your metabolism all influence how long CBD stays in your system. If you take a very small dose daily, then it will be more difficult to detect after a few weeks. If you have a very fast metabolism, then you may excrete CBD more rapidly. 

How long does CBD tincture stay in your system?

If you take CBD tinctures, the answer depends on how much you are taking and how often. It is hard to say whether it will stay in your system after a few weeks because that will depend on how quickly you metabolize the CBD. If this describes your situation, then taking a liver function test after 4-6 weeks would be a good idea.

How long does CBD oil stay in your system?

The answer again depends on the dose and frequency of administration. This may be a little harder to predict because CBD oil can vary in potency, but 3-4 weeks is probably a good estimate if you take small amounts once or twice per day.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Lab Tests?

The time period for drug tests can vary from a few days to several months. Drug test duration will depend on the frequency of use and dosage amount, along with a number of other factors. 

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