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Did you know that every 90 days the cells of your body are 90% completely new?  That means that it’s possible to transform into a brand new you!

Imagine being a you—who looks in the mirror and loves what you see looking back at you.

Imagine your joints feeling great.  Imagine your mood happy and content.

My Journey of Discovery

I’ve been on a personal growth journey and a Wellness Speaker for decades. Any sound strategy to uplift my own and others level of health—mentally, physically and emotionally, is captivating to me.

If you’ve followed my work, then you know that I have used Biofeedback & Empowerment Strategies to help over 200,000 people to lose weight and stop smoking in over 75 hospitals and medical centers across America, since 1990.

Having faced death at a very young age myself, my focus has been on how to achieve the highest level of health possible.  I believe that we can not only survive, but actually thrive, when we are empowered to use nature’s healing tools.

It’s been an absolute gift to me to help others achieve not only their ideal weight, but a much greater level of health and happiness.

4 Keys to Mind-Body Health

My formula for mind-body health can be summarized by these 4 keys:

  1. Eat as close to nature as possible—whole, real, clean, unprocessed food, from the Earth, as much as possible.
  2. Be a student of yourself with full compassion. Set your daily intention to increase your awareness of your own emotions, habitual patterns and needs. Release what no longer serves you.
  3. Create a meditation/self-hypnosis practice daily, to increase your love, forgiveness and gratitude—to expand your perceptions and open your heart.

4. As much as possible, let plants be your medicine. Seek to heal from nature’s bounty (unless you are really sick, in which case you may need surgery or pharmaceuticals. I do not advocate making un-wise decisions).

Living according to these four keys has turned my life around in ways I never imagined.  Though I’ve studied the healing power of herbs for many years, my latest herbal discovery has been absolutely mind blowing.

Why I created Rena’s Organic 

One thing I learned early on is that there’s a huge difference out there in what is being hyped as Hemp Oil or CBD from unknown origin and pure, high-grade, third party tested, Organically USA grown CBD.

One reason it’s so confusing and misleading is because CBD is also referred to as Industrial Hemp. That’s what makes CBD legal—the fact that it’s Industrial Hemp and not just Cannabis.

What’s the difference? Cannabis may or may not have psychoactive THC in it. Cannabis is also the plant family that Marijuana originates from. This often causes confusion between the two plants.

CBD has no psychoactive component. It does not alter you in any way.  It does, however, carry profound beneficial effects.

Is the CBD Quality Grade?

But many people out there are taking advantage of people’s lack of knowledge regarding the term Industrial Hemp. I’ve seen Hemp being sold that contains little or no actual CBD.

Topical creams are being sold in Chiropractor’s offices with only 50-200 mg. CBD in them.  And the worse part is, these products are costly.

It’s true that CBD is actually an expensive medicine. The reason why is it takes a lot of plant material to make CBD and a good amount of labor to extract it properly without chemical solvents.

But it is upsetting to think that expensive products are being marketed and sold as if they were high quality potent CBD, when there is often almost no therapeutic amount of CBD to speak of in these products.

How Do You Know Which CBD to Buy?

I created Rena’s Organic when I realized how hard it is to find authentic, quality, Organic CBD.

I also wanted to offer unique products that supercharge the body’s innate Endo-Cannabinoid System.  After consulting with Master Herbalists, I’m thrilled to bring to market CBD Super Cider and Hemp Super Food.  The feedback on these two products alone has been nothing short of amazing!

That’s because these Rena’s Organic products are made with only organic, therapeutic, nutritious and all natural ingredients.

I especially researched the CBD industry thoroughly. It was essential for me to be absolutely certain that my customer is getting the best product possible.

Here’s how you know you’re getting real, high quality CBD:

    1. Is your CBD 3rd party tested for potency and purity? If so, is this 3rd Party Analysis accessible and does it state that the product you are purchasing has the high levels of CBD it is claiming to have?
    2. Compare potency with price. Authentic CBD is expensive. What’s the point of paying $40 for a tincture that only has 100 mg CBD?  Or, a pain cream with only 200 mg. CBD?  The worse part is that these products are often not even lower in price. My local health foods store sells a one-ounce tincture bottle of CBD for $80. The potency? Only 300 mg! Read your labels and be a smart CBD shopper!
    3. Is the CBD Organic? Is it grown in the United States? Did the seeds originate in the United States? Cheap CBD often comes from Europe and China where the farming standards are not as stringent as they are in Colorado. The best CBD is grown in Colorado because the weather conditions are perfect for the Industrial Hemp plant.  Cannabis is a very absorbent plant and if it’s not grown in pristine organic conditions, it can easily absorb the toxins in the environment.
    4. Does the website or dispensary where you are planning to buy your CBD display 3rd party testing for not only the final product, but the soil it was grown in, and the master batch (to insure zero mold was ever on the Hemp)?
    5. Was the CBD extracted using the chemical-free cold sub-zero extraction process?
      1. This is why I created Rena’s Organic CBD products. It’s nearly impossible to find CBD that has all these characteristics.

I am doing everything to keep my overhead as low as possible so that I can pass the savings on to my customer.  I strive to give you the absolute best price while still giving you the highest quality CBD available anywhere.

I want everyone to experience the incredible health benefits that I did when I started taking CBD.  To make it easy, I also offer a complete 30 day full money back guarantee (less shipping).

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