CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream

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This is by far the most effective CBD solution for even your worst aches and pains. Consulting with top-notch researchers, we formulated Rena’s Organic® 1000 MG. Pain Cream as the highest potency pain relief CBD formula on the market. Compare to other CBD pain creams out there that either don’t tell you the CBD potency or may have potency’s as low as 50-200 MG! The quality and value of Rena’s Organic® is incomparable. More and more people are turning to extra strength, premium quality CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream for fast-acting, potent, long-lasting natural pain relief from:

  • Backaches
  • Joint pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Foot and leg pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Knee pain
  • Neck aches
  • Hip pain
  • Carpal tunnel

And just about every other muscle or nerve pain! Our customers report that CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream assists with stiffness, tingling, burning nerve pain, fibromyalgia and neuropathy.

Because just Menthol and Camphor alone aren’t enough to combat stubborn, debilitating pain.


Helping Others

Rena’s Organic donates a portion from every sale to All Hands All Hearts. All Hands All Hearts provides quick response and long-term aid to victims of natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. A+ Rated by Charity Watch. 96% of our donations go straight to those in need.


Product Description

Rena’s Organic CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream is a fast acting topical lotion that has been known to relieve some of the most persistent aches and pains.

That’s not a “zero” typo.  So many products out there boasting CBD content and extolling the virtues of CBD, have ONLY a ridiculously low 100 MG CBD in the product!

I’ve seen plenty of “CBD” ointments that are supposed to stop pain. How discouraging, when you read the fine print, only to discover that there may be as little as 50 MG. of the active ingredient in the whole jar!

I want you to be free of addictive pain medicines that keep you chained, and to live without the draining, agonizing pain that can wreck your life.

That’s why I went to great lengths to find the most potent and reliable CBD possible for a pain relief cream.  No cutting corners. No gimmicks. No hype.

Just pure 1000 MG. CBD.  That’s TEN TIMES the amount of potent CBD found in most other topical lotions.

How can I do this?  I’m counting on people telling other people about the amazing relief they experience with this state of the art salve.  Once you try this pain-relieving formula, you are sure to be sold for life.

I’ve seen the Rena’s Organic® 1000 MG Pain Relief Cream work wonders to relieve stiffness, tingling, neuropathy including the burning nerve pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, joint, nerve, muscle and back pain.

What’s in CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream?

Comprised only of organic and natural nutrients, the most potent ingredient in this Rena’s Organic® Formula, is our full spectrum, pure, 1000 MG CBD. That’s right!

1000 Milligrams of this amazing miracle plant compound is blended into the lotion, to relieve even the most stubborn nerve or muscle pain.

This topical formula is designed to give you fast acting, potent long-lasting pain relief.

Rena’s Organic® Pain Relief Cream is light and non-greasy, easy to apply, with a refreshing, light smell.  You simply rub a small amount on to the inflamed or painful areas on your body.  Within minutes most people report blessed relief that lasts for hours.

What’s the best way to use the Pain Relieving Cream?

We recommend you use the pain cream with CBD Super Cider, CBD Super Food Energy Blend or one of our CBD Tinctures. This way, by taking CBD orally, you’ll get relief from the inside-out.

Our Rena’s Organic® CBD formulas or tinctures, when taken orally, can help to slow down the pain receptors on the inside.

CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream, gently applied to your skin, can absorb deep into your pores to help eliminate the inflammation that causes sharp, achy, dull or numbing pain.

Essentially, taking the Rena’s Organic® CBD and using the 1000 MG Pain Relief Cream together, you are protecting yourself from the devastating effect of pain from the inside-out and the outside-in.

This way you get the remarkable benefit of a double-action approach!

What makes Rena’s Organic® CBD superior?

All our CBD is USA grown, overseen from seed to sale, in the clean air State of Colorado.  At Rena’s Organic®, we use only full spectrum Organic CBD with all the polyphenols, Cannabinoids and terpenes, intact. Every batch is 3rd party tested and analyzed, according to rigorous standards, for purity, potency and efficacy.

What are the ingredients in Rena’s Organic® 1000 MG CBD Pain Relief Cream?

1000 mg pain relief cream label

Some of the Active Ingredients:

Aloe Vera:

Scientific studies have confirmed that Aloe Vera helps to reduce inflammation in joints affected by arthritis.  It is known to soothe aching joints when applied topically.  It’s also been shown that Aloe Vera contains components that repair damaged tissue and stimulate healing by accelerating cell reproduction.


Menthol is a powerful, organic compound, known as a counter-irritant. It works by causing your skin to feel alternatingly cool and then warm.

By bringing cool, soothing relief to aching or throbbing muscles, menthol has a natural, analgesic effect.  This produces a numbing reaction, thus alleviating stubborn nerve and muscle pain.  Additionally it acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the affected area. This allows the CBD and other active ingredients to work faster, while the increase in blood flow brings necessary nutrients for cellular repair.

Vitamin E:

Studies have confirmed that Vitamin E is a powerful aid for arthritic pain relief, due to its anti-inflammatory action.

Coconut Oil:

Known to reduce inflammation and relieve pain and swelling. According to a study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology, due to its abundant levels of Lauric Acid, Coconut Oil has beneficial anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


Also known as CBD, Cannabidiol is being called the pain eraser of our time.   Athletes, celebrities and people from all walks of life are reporting miraculous pain relief when using the right dose of high quality, potent CBD.

Our CBD is extracted from genetically proprietary USA grown plants, cultivated and harvested utilizing only cutting edge organic farming methods, to produce the highest potency CBD possible.

Rena’s Organic Easy Herb Power’s 90 Day Money Back Guarantee:

It breaks my heart to see all the people plagued by pain, dealing with the horrible side effects of over the counter and the pharmaceutical industry’s plethora of painkillers.  If you’ve never heard of CBD before, I encourage you to please do your own research.

If you are familiar with CBD and you’ve taken the time to read labels, then you already know how confusing it can be to get through the hype.  I know how challenging it is to find a pain-relieving product that actually has enough of the active ingredients necessary to stop your pain.

But I also am certain that it’s absolutely possible for you to have the kind of pain relief that you have been praying for.

That’s why I want you to test our Easy Herb Power® 1000 MG CBD Pain Relief Cream for yourself for a full 90 days at absolutely no risk.  I want you to be able to walk, run, dance, garden, socialize, swim, play tennis or golf again.

If you have extra weight that you’re carrying, wouldn’t it be amazing to feel good enough to move your body again and drop that excess baggage?  That’s what I want for you!

The risk is mine and I’m happy to take it.  I know what it’s like to be bogged down with pain and illness, feeling stuck and trapped.  I would love for you to be free. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with this outstanding top of the line pain relief formula and CBD products.

If after 30 days, you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your results, please call our friendly United States based customer service, or e-mail us, and we’ll be happy to assist you with a full 100% refund (less shipping).

Don’t miss out. The demand has been amazing.  Order today for unbelievable pain relief, risk-free.

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9 reviews for CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream

  1. Jerome

    It really is incredible. I quit smoking with Rena years ago and completely trust her products. This pain relief cream is amazing – 5 stars, minimum!

    – Jerome T.
    Wichita, KS

  2. Francine Oppenheimer

    I’m a school teacher and I’m on my feet all day. When I would come home at the end of the day, I was so tired and achy, I couldn’t do anything. I started taking CBD Super Cider and also rubbing this CBD pain cream on my legs when I got home. I cannot believe the difference! Now, it’s like I have two days rolled into one. After work, I am socializing again or getting stuff done around the house. I can’t thank you enough for these great products. Finally something that works.

    – Francine O.
    Durham, North Carolina

  3. Roberta

    I am 75 years old. Since I started using 1000 MG CBD pain cream, I have never felt younger. This is too good to be true. My husband can’t believe the change. I’m finally going dancing again!

    – Roberta F.
    Bridgewater, New Jersey

  4. Steve Heller

    The pain in my legs had gotten so bad that when I went golfing I had to ride the entire course in a golf cart. I could barely walk. I figured I had nothing to lose when I heard about CBD pain cream. First I tried one from my doctor’s office but it didn’t do much. Then, on a whim, I decided to try the Easy Herb Power® lotion because I was impressed with the high CBD potency. It’s only been one month, and my buddies can’t believe it. I’m walking from hole to hole, no problem. And I’ve dropped 5 pounds. I can’t recommend this stuff enough. I’m definitely going to be ordering on the monthly membership.”

    – Steve Heller
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  5. Shari Rhine

    This product is an unbelievable value. I am so grateful to find something that finally works. My knees have bothered me for years. I rub a little on the front and back of my knees, in the morning and again in the afternoon and I have no pain at all. It’s a miracle.

    – Shari R.
    Austin, TX

  6. Emily John

    My daughter is a college student and spends long hours at the computer. I couldn’t stand to see her practically hunched over because of the tight muscles in her shoulders and neck. Even massage didn’t seem to make a difference. I started rubbing the CBD 1000 mg. lotion on her upper back and neck. It’s amazing—she is now standing upright again and says the pain is gone. She loves it and I do, too.

    – Emily J.
    Rochester, New York

  7. Rob Marcus

    All I can say is Wow – I’m off the pain medicine! This has been a godsend for me and my wife. I take the 600 MG tincture, plus the CBD Super Cider and I’ve been rubbing the pain cream on my hips and lower back. I feel like I’ve been reborn. I’m sleeping like a baby. It’s great to be active again!

    – Rob M.
    Portland, Oregon

  8. Teresa Waterman

    I had tried everything for the fibromyalgia I have. This is the only thing that worked. I’ve been using the 1000 mg cream with the cbd super cider. The results have exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say I have no more pain. Thank you.

    Teresa W.
    Boston, Massachusetts

  9. Lucy Hamilton

    This is the only thing that has worked to get rid of my back pain.

    – Lucy Hamilton
    Hampton, VA

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