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Los Angeles CA – Pure 1000 MG. CBD. – TEN TIMES the amount of potent CBD found in most other topical lotions. Rena’s Organic® 1000 MG Pain Relief Cream with menthol works wonders to relieve stiffness, tingling including the burning nerve pain associated with arthritis, joint, nerve, muscle, and back pain. It’s proven to be a powerful and effective pain-relieving solution. Plant-based and natural, our high-quality CBD pain-relieving cream has an incredible, unheard of 1000 MG. of pure, authentic, Organic CBD plus the active ingredient of menthol.

This fast-acting, potent formula provides soothing relief from all kinds of pain, including muscle spasms, sore knees, sore feet, painful hips, tight muscles, numbness, tingling, excruciating back pain, and any other pain.No ordinary ointment or salve, CBD 1000 MG. Pain Cream absorbs deeply to bring blessed relief. Doctor recommended.

CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream | Los Angeles CA

Compare to other CBD pain creams out there that either don’t tell you the CBD potency or may have potency as low as 50-200 MG! The quality and value of Rena’s Organic® are incomparable. More and more people are turning to extra strength, the premium quality CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream with menthol for fast-acting, potent, long-lasting natural pain relief from:

  • Backaches
  • Joint pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Foot and leg pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Knee pain
  • Neck aches
  • Hip pain

And just about every other muscle or nerve pain! Our customers report that CBD 1000 MG. Pain Relief Cream with menthol assists with stiffness, tingling, and burning nerve pain.

Because ordinary solutions aren’t enough to combat stubborn, debilitating pain. It’s for this reason that Endocrinologists and Cardiologists, as well as Neurologists, often refer their patients to us for CBD. If you are in the Los Angeles CA area – check us out!

Los Angeles, California,

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