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CBD has an assortment of benefits and an array of consumption methods. However, that variety can be overwhelming for even seasoned CBD users. Fortunately, it also means that there’s plenty of room to experiment with how you use CBD. This variety means you don’t need to compromise your daily routine for CBD. You can seamlessly incorporate it into your existing routine. Here are some common features of peoples’ routines that lend themselves to CBD-use.


Coffee is a common staple in everyone’s routine. Everyone loves sleeping, and most of us have days when we wake up extremely groggy. Caffeine is a stimulant so it wakes us up. Unsurprisingly, then, coffee has made its way into most, if not all, Americans’ morning routines.

Mixing CBD with coffee can improve the effects of caffeine. While caffeine causes alertness, it can also increase our feelings of agitation. CBD can lessen the agitative effects without reducing alertness. You can put some CBD oil in your coffee (and even tea!) before drinking it. Since CBD and caffeine don’t affect everyone in the same way, there’ll be some trial and error involved before CBD settles into your routine.


A person about to pull a barbell with a 25-pound plate on each side

Exercise and CBD have some things in common. Chief among these commonalities is how both significantly contribute to our health and wellbeing. Regular exercise improves our strength, durability, flexibility, and general physical wellbeing. This directly enhances our mental wellbeing by releasing endorphins, etc. It also indirectly improves our mental health by improving our self-esteem, etc.

However, exercise can lead to problems, even with immaculate form. Muscle soreness and inflammation are common problems, and they can spiral into other issues, like depression. You should incorporate CBD topical creams into your post-workout routine, as well as on your rest days. The cream can reduce inflammation, speed up recovery, and get you back in the gym.


Evidence suggests that CBD can, directly and indirectly, contribute to better sleep. Directly, CBD seems to promote REM sleep. Indirectly, CBD appears to reduce anxiety, which contributes to difficulty sleeping and insomnia. Moreover, CBD also reduces pain, which is something else that can make sleeping difficult.

Incorporating CBD into your sleep routine shouldn’t be difficult. You can use a CBD powder (such as CBD Super Food) and mix it with something you drink before sleeping, such as milk or water. Alternatively, you can sublingually consume CBD oil. Both are easy to do and won’t elongate your pre-sleep rituals.

If you’re looking for reliable CBD products in a variety of forms, visit our shop at Rena’s Organic. You can buy CBD tinctures, super food, and many more organic and quality CBD products. Get in touch to fit CBD into your routine.

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