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“Slender Cider is absolutely amazing! Within two days of taking Slender Cider, I felt so much more energy. I love the fact that Slender Cider is made with organic apple cider along with essential herbs and oils. I’d like to start buying it wholesale and selling it to my friends and family so they can share these great benefits.

I’ve also been enjoying your Weight Loss Bundle. Since using Rena’s cds and drinking the Slender Cider, I am feeling much better overall and I know that this time it’s different. I really enjoy hearing Rena’s voice and how she brings in our higher power to work with us. Your program is helping me discover my trigger points and then with your help, learn how to deal and heal those situations. I feel like I’m eating more consciously and more consistently since starting your program. Thank you, Rena!”
– Ingrid Boehm

“Thank you, Ingrid, for sharing your enthusiasm and your success. I hope to meet you one day!”

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