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The popularity of CBD products is growing rapidly as more benefits of cannabinoids are being discovered each day. However, as the market for CBD products continues to grow, there are many new companies that are offering cheaper versions of the organic CBD called synthetic cannabinoids. The term synthetic cannabinoid is applied to various unregulated drugs that are designed to act like the main psychoactive chemicals in cannabis.

Synthetic cannabinoids contain several psychoactive compounds to bind cannabinoid receptors with high potency to mimic the enhanced effects of natural cannabis. However, what makes these drugs more potent and powerful also makes them more dangerous. According to the CDC, using synthetic cannabinoids can be harmful and unpredictable and can even have life-threatening consequences.

Here are some of the common adverse effects associated with synthetic cannabis:

Impaired Motor Coordination and Executive Function

Even a mild dose of synthetic cannabinoids can lead to cognitive impairments that affect motor coordination and executive functions of the body. Synthetic cannabinoids can slow down the body’s natural response process and fine motor skills. As a result, the person is at a higher risk of accidents such as motor vehicle crashes, falling, or getting hurts while doing the simplest tasks.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Synthetic cannabinoids have also been associated with psychological effects that cause anxiety and panic attacks. The enhanced effects due to stronger potency can even cause psychosis and schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals.

A woman experiencing fatigue after consuming synthetic cannabinoids

Agitation and Fatigue

Organic CBD can increase the energy levels of an individual and does not result in fatigue and exhaustion once the effects wear off. That’s because organic cannabis has a slow effect and fades gradually. Synthetic cannabinoid, on the other hand, has a shorter duration and peaks earlier, which can cause fatigue and agitation even before the effects have worn off.

Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Issues

Due to the use of synthetic chemicals and poor chemical composition of synthetic cannabinoids, the psychological effects are continuously changing. Some studies have shown that synthetic cannabinoids can be linked to serious cardiovascular events and can have long term adverse effects on cardiovascular function.

Nausea and Headaches

Consumption of synthetic cannabinoids can also lead to several undesired somatic effects such as nausea, heart palpitations, vomiting, dry mouth, and headaches. The intensity of these effects varies according to the individual and the dosage they have consumed.

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