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We tend to understand drugs in a very limited capacity; we think of them as marijuana joints shared by teenagers in a parking lot; or cocaine sniffed by celebrities and millionaires at fancy parties; heroin being injected by the homeless man you cross everyday on your way to work. Addiction has one face and that face is often misread. We think of drugs as things that other people and their kids do—we’d never touch them.

Americans don’t even realize that they are presently witnessing a new kind of drug epidemic: painkillers.painkillers

Most painkillers even the mild ones, classify as opiates and stimulate similar effects in those who take them. These effects are induced by receptors in the brain and include feelings of grogginess, partial or total sedation and delayed response. This hinders day to day functionality significantly and simple tasks like driving a car can become risky.

The physical side-effects of painkillers can be intense even if they have been prescribed to subdue other symptoms. Feelings of disorientation and confusion, lowered libido, nausea and low energy are only some of the side effects of prescription drugs. If there are so many downsides, what leads to addiction to these drugs then?

Prescription painkillers are one of the most common forms of substance abuse prevalent in the U.S. because the prescription of these opioids has skyrocketed in the recent past. Yet even Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication is not risk free. We’re quick to jump at the mention of the hard-drug methamphetamine (meth) but don’t realize how harmful methadone, a fairly common drug used for pain management can be.

Addiction is a disease and like any disease, it can be difficult to control and even harder to manage. Most prescription painkillers such as morphine or hydrocodone (such as Vicodin)are highly addictive substances that are very often abused. Despite how effective they can be in the moment, painkillers are incredibly harmful if dependence is developed on them.

In fact, they can even worsen pain in the long-term. Our bodies grow accustomed to them and chronic pain can be difficult to handle. However, CBD is proven to be incredibly effective for all types of health and wellness issues, without being addictive. Its chemical composition is what allows it to have such powerful effects without leading to dependence on it. At Rena’s Organic, we advocate for natural and holistic alternatives such as our CBD pain cream or our 1500mg CBD organic tincture.

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