Affiliate – Terms of Use

To be an affiliate for Rena’s Organic®, it’s required that you understand and agree to the following terms of use.



The Rena’s Organic® affiliate program is specifically for self-motivated individuals who wish to share a message of health and wellness with their friends, clients, patients and following.

It is ideal for health educators, health care professionals and wellness coaches to share with their audience and clients.

Affiliates are paid a commission for any referrals they send to and, who make a purchase.

In order to be a participating affiliate for Rena’s Organic®, it is required that you actively promote the Rena’s Organic® products. You may promote Rena’s Organic® products by:

  1. Blogging about our products.
  2. Promoting on a website
  3. Promoting on social media.
  4. Making videos on You Tube.
  5. Facebook posts or Facebook Lives.
  6. Actively promoting to patients or clients in a health practice.
  7. Sharing your own success story with our products.

Please feel free to contact us at to discuss any alternative promotional approaches.


The commissions Affiliates earn are 10% of the amount the customer pays, for the life of the customer, including reoccurring orders.  At this level of commission, Rena’s Organic® absorbs cost of goods, shipping, and applicable taxes.

Rena’s Organic® reserves the right to exclude taxes, cost of goods, coupon values and shipping costs from calculated commission costs, when affiliate commission rates are higher than 10%.

Rates and product eligibility are subject to change in the future.  Please check these terms and conditions for updates.

Bonuses are earned when the affiliate exceeds $500 in earned affiliate commissions.  Affiliates are rewarded for more sales.

Rena’s Organic® Affiliate program offers an additional way for Affiliates to earn commissions with a second tier. All sales generated by affiliates who Affiliate #1 recruited, will generate a 5% commission for Affiliate #1.

Payments are made the first of the month, and are sent out when Affiliate earns at least $100 in commissions.

How Affiliates make money

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase you are credited with an affiliate commission.

Once a customer who an Affiliate refers makes a purchase, the affiliate will receive all future commissions from that referral.

We do not give commission on orders that were generated in the past or on any orders that were not generated via an affiliate link.

How Affiliates get their links

As soon as you register for the Rena’s Organic® Affiliate program, you will be given your own unique link. When someone clicks on the Affiliate link and makes a purchase, that sale will be credited to Affiliate’s account, and Affiliate will earn commissions for that sale.

Support for Affiliates

Rena’s Organic® offers exceptional support for Affiliates.

In the Affiliate Members area of Rena’s Organic®, text links and banners ads are available to assist Affiliates with selling Rena’s Organic® products.

We are also available for help with blogging, interviews and podcasts, if Affiliate would like support in reaching out to a wider audience.

Simply send an email to: with any questions or for additional help and support.


Affiliate commissions are paid on Pay Pal. You must have a Pay Pal account to be an Affiliate for Rena’s Organic®.  Payments that are undeliverable or returned may not be re-sent.

If there are any changes in Affiliate’s email address or Pay Pal account email address, it is Affiliate’s responsibility to notify Rena’s Organic®, prior to the last day of the month.  A properly linked Pay Pal account is required in order for Affiliate to receive commission.


Rena’s Organic® offers a 30 day money back guarantee for customers. In the event that a sale generated by an Affiliate results in a refund, the money will either be deducted from Affiliate’s next commission check or the retracted commission amount will be requested from the Affiliate’s Pay Pal account.

Though we try not to pay commissions until after the refund period has passed, there are times when a pay back of commissions is required, due to customer refund.

Also, if there is a payment miscalculation, we will request the pay back from the Affiliate’s Pay Pal account.

Prohibited Actions

Affiliates are not allowed to copy or distribute content from the Rena’s Organic® site without permission, except what is available in the public affiliate member area.  All information on Rena’s Organic® is bound by Copyright law.

Affiliates are prohibited from diverting traffic away from Rena’s Organic® to competing sites.

Misrepresenting your relationship with Rena’s Organic® or Rena Greenberg in any way is prohibited.

Tax Documents

1099 Form

All USA based Affiliates who earn at least $600 annually in commission fees, will be sent an IRS 1099 form, as required by law.  As a participant in the Easy Herb Power® Affiliate program, you are agreeing to provide the necessary information to process and mail this form out to you.

Terms of Agreement

Rena’s Organic® reserves the right to cancel any affiliate and remove them from the program.  Affiliates must actively promote Easy Herb Power® products in order to continue to qualify as affiliates and to receive lifetime commissions.

Personal product orders are not eligible for affiliate commissions.

Affiliates must generate their own referrals and are no longer eligible if they are solely generating two tier commissions.

Affiliates are prohibited from generating sales for each other. If such activity is discovered, both affiliate accounts will be terminated.

Affiliates are responsible for following all local and federal tax laws.

Affiliates must actively promote Easy Herb Power® products in an approved venue. For approval please contact:

Payment of commissions earned is subject to minimum requirements and any restrictions in eligibility.

Any violation of these terms may result in Affiliate account being deactivated without notice and/or violators may be banned from site.

Affiliates are under no obligation. There is no fee to become an affiliate.  Affiliates may terminate their membership at any point, with no penalty.

Rena’s Organic® reserves the right to change commission rates, to give bonuses or cease bonuses.

Rena’s Organic® reserves the right to accept or deny customers at any time.

Rena’s Organic® reserves the right to terminate an Affiliate if we feel that the Affiliates representation of our products or marketing strategy is in any way compromising to our standards.

Terms of use may change without notice but will always be posted here.

Thank you for being a Rena’s Organic® Affiliate.  Let us know how we can help you earn money while helping people you care about get healthy!


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