Meet Rena

Welcome!  I’m Rena Greenberg – International Hay House and McGraw-Hill weight loss author and hospital-based wellness speaker, since 1990. My goal is to help you start to feel healthier and happier, feeling younger and more alive, with more energy. If you are tired or feeling discomfort of any kind right now, I’ve been there.

A Shocking Beginning . . .

My passion for health and wellness began in my early twenties when I suddenly lost all my energy.  Without warning, at the age of 26, I had a heart attack.  After 3 weeks in Cardiac Care, a permanent pacemaker was implanted. The Chief of Cardiology told me I had the heart of an 80 year old. I also was pre-diabetic, overweight and had chronic fatigue.

How my Wake-Up Call Changed My Life

Following my near brush with death, I was determined to get healthy.  I read every health and nutrition book available, searching for answers.  That was decades ago. Today, I am married for 30 years, the mother of two amazing daughters, and have vibrant health.  But what has been most rewarding about getting healthy is that it allowed me to create a wellness program that’s helped thousands of people change their lives.

I’ve had the privilege of helping over 200,000 people to lose weight and stop smoking with my hospital based Wellness Seminar program.Over 100 major corporations such as Walt Disney World and AT&T brought me on site to help their employees. In fact, many of my successful clients have been featured on national television on Good Morning America, Nightline, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, FOX News, The Doctors Show, CNN, my own show on PBS, plus in over 150 newspaper stories.

Putting It All Together

My quest for health led me to discover how to live and eat for optimal health and energy.  It taught me how to listen to and honor my inner guidance. I learned how to make self-care a top priority. I realized the importance of eating whole, real, clean, unprocessed food from the earth—and how to make healthy food taste delicious.  I learned how to eliminate cravings for sugar and carbs.  I found ways to do this easily, even when my lifestyle got super busy. To me, a healthy lifestyle starts with being balanced in mind and body. Taking time to be in nature, connecting with your spirit and relaxing deeply, on a regular basis, is key. I’ve learned that moving your body daily is non-negotiable (for living a stress-free life where you wake up feeling good each day.)

Living Your Healthiest Best Life

My passion today is helping as many people as possible to find their new healthy eating and living lifestyle. I want everyone to wake up feeling good, with energy, joy and vibrant health. What gets in the way?  Life!  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day distractions that clamor for your time and attention. Many of us want to eat and live healthier. But with so much misinformation about diet out there, figuring out how to eat right can be very confusing. After spending almost 30 years teaching people wellness and nutrition and how to break unwanted eating habits, I came to see that too many people were struggling with fatigue and feeling bad.  I wanted to learn why. When you don’t have enough energy or are feeling discomfort, it’s hard to do the things you want to do.   It can be even harder to make good choices.

Why are You Suffering from Discomfort and Low Energy?

My research kept pointing back to the same culprit—inflammation—caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, low blood sugar, a toxic environment, over-sensitivity and stress. Science confirms that the problem is further compounded by the fact that the cells in your body are likely to be filled with harmful acid.  Years of eating pizza, fast food and junk, may have created an acidic environment in your body, causing you to crave sweet, oily or salty foods.

This paves the way for inflammation  . . .

And inflammation is not just caused by the sugar you are eating. It’s the toxic chemicals that are in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. When inflammation and an acidic environment in the cells of your body lead to a rapid crash in your blood sugar, discomfort, low energy and low mood are the inevitable result. That means you start to feel tired, irritable and achy.

Can You Heal Your Body with Food?

I am a firm believer in healing the body with whole, clean food and a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t advocate any special diet because diets lead to deprivation.  In my experience, it’s unnecessary to declare yourself a strict vegetarian, vegan or raw-foodie. You don’t have to join Paleo or be on any other rigid “diet.”

Instead, I find that when your body is in balance, you naturally want to eat the unprocessed healthy foods that nourish and sustain you.

But the problem is, if you are like most people who come to me for help, your body is not in balance.  This is why you feel crabby, low energy or pain in your body. I want to assure you that it doesn’t have to be this way.  There is hope . . .

How Did My Quest Begin?

A few years back, I was presenting my corporate wellness seminar, when one of my clients dropped in to let me know that she had lost 100 pounds since attending my program, one year earlier. She confessed that aside from my program giving her the motivation, inspiration and tools that she needed, it was a certain combination of natural dietary nutrients that had made all the difference for her. She was able to lose the weight and start living with vibrant health and pain-free.

I was so impressed with her transformation that I started to research the nutrients she was taking.  The results were undeniable. Through my client’s amazing experience, I discovered that there is a way to alkalize the body to reduce acid in the cells of your body. My research also led me to come across a powerful system in the body that scientists only uncovered in the late 1980s: the Endo-cannabinoid System (I’ll tell you more about that later).

I was so excited to stumble on these simple keys to health—secrets that hold the power to turn your life and health around . . .

All this led me to a profound turning point of my own: the creation of Rena’s Organic®.

What is Rena’s Organic® ?

The philosophy behind Rena’s Organic® is that the key to health is restoring balance to the body. Ideally we should be getting all our nutrition from real food. But unfortunately, our Earth now contains many toxins, making it difficult to get all the nutrients our body needs from food. Even if you are able to buy organic produce and meats, you are most likely not able to consume enough plant based food to keep the cells of your body alkaline and energized.

Scientists Unveil the Secret to Cellular Aging

In 2009, scientists from the University of California San Francisco and John Hopkins received the Nobel Prize for unveiling the secret to cellular aging. Their results were simple, yet very profound. They discovered that every time a human cell replicated itself, it became weaker and weaker.  So your whole life, your cells are reproducing and each time the next generation of cells is slightly weaker than the first. It’s like taking a photograph and making a copy of a copy of a copy. Every time you reproduce the image, the quality degrades slightly more. The same thing is happening with your cells. This is the process of aging.

How can we counteract the forces of time acting on our physical and mental bodies? By maintaining a state of homeostasis or balance in the body, you can increase your level of health and energy, while reversing the mental and physical effects of aging.

“Let food be your medicine,” Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, told us.

I agree!  The problem is, in this day and age, no matter how healthy your diet, your body has trouble getting the nutrition and energy it needs solely from the foods you eat. That’s because the toxins in food and in the environment turn your body into a magnet for energy-sucking bacteria, yeast and fungus. They also rob your body of much-needed vitamins, minerals and iron. The excess acid and inflammation in your cells cause your blood sugar levels to plummet, leaving you feeling exhausted, irritable and feeling badly.

The Way Out

So what’s the solution?  Nutrients!

Unfortunately, there can be as much confusion in the world of dietary nutrients and supplements as there is about “healthy” food.  What are the best supplements to take? For years, my clients asked me if I could recommend dietary supplements to them and my answer was always, “no.” I wasn’t able to find anything out there that contained the high level of nutrition I could feel comfortable endorsing. More importantly, a lot of the powders and products out there contained ingredients I am very uncomfortable with, such as “natural flavors,” which is a catch-all term for any chemical the manufacturer wishes to include.

What About Inflammation?

Yet I knew there had to be a way to neutralize the excess acid and inflammation that was creating discomfort, illness and fatigue . . . After researching many herbs and super foods, I created Slender Cider for myself.  I couldn’t believe the results!  I felt much more energized and my food cravings disappeared. I shared Slender Cider with my weight loss clients. Soon after, our office got buried in an avalanche of love letters from happy customers who were losing weight and feeling great! The secret? The alkalizing power of the therapeutic herbal blend combined with the benefits of organic apple cider vinegar and pure essential oils.

I was thrilled to see the results and wanted to take it a step further . . .

Discovering CBD . . .

Then I discovered CBD . . . CBD or Cannabidiol only became legal in all 50 states in 2014 (with some restrictions). I poured through the research and discovered that this hidden compound was being reported to produce incredible positive results. Athletes and celebrities were using it for discomfort, energy and improved performance. News stations across the country were reporting on its amazing effects. The United States Government was rushing to patent it as an aid to help bring relief. I decided to try it myself and had astonishing results. Not only did it help with my primary health issue, but I couldn’t believe all the side benefits—better rest, improved digestion, more energy and feeling more peaceful. I knew I had to share this discovery with others.

Why CBD is Being Called the Miracle of Our Time

CBD is part of the same plant that marijuana is from—Cannabis Sativa. But, CBD has NO psychoactive component. It will not make you high—but it does help to bring blessed relief. The true value of CBD comes from the fact that it’s a powerful Cannabinoid. The newly discovered Endo-cannabinoid System has Cannabinoid receptors that bring the body back into homeostasis, or balance.

This is what makes CBD such an amazing reliever of discomfort and nervousness, energizer and deep rest aid.

Clearing Up the Confusion About Hemp

CBD is also known as Industrial Hemp.  Before I created Rena’s Organic®, my clients would tell me that they wanted to try CBD, but were confused by the term Hemp and the variation in potency and price. I discovered that the information out there was very deceiving.  Many products being sold as Hemp contained nothing more than cheap food-grade hemp seed oil, which has no medicinal value. The valuable properties within CBD come from the fact that it is a Cannabinoid.

Also, products would claim to have USA grown CBD, but often in reality, the seeds the plants were cultivated from, came from overseas—places like China, where farm regulations are not in place. If the air and soil are toxic, the CBD plant is vulnerable to absorbing these toxins. The plant CBD is derived from (Cannabis or Industrial Hemp) is highly absorbent, which is why I insisted on using CBD from seeds sourced and grown in Colorado. No one can argue that Colorado probably has the cleanest air and soil in the country!

The misinformation and deception about CBD and CBD products was disturbing. Now that CBD was 100% legal, I wanted to make true high-potency, superior grade, USDA certified organic CBD readily available to my customers.

My Mission

I felt committed to helping people who were suffering with all kinds of ailments and low energy. Though many of my customers love my pure Rena’s Organic® super potency 300 mg, 600 mg and 1500 mg CBD in MCT (organic coconut) oil, I consulted with master herbalists to create two additional formulas. The first formula combines organic CBD with anti-oxidant-rich alkalizing Cannabinoids herbs and powerful essential oils.

It took me months to find a reputable source of CBD.  The CBD used in the Rena’s Organic® remedies is medical grade, USDA certified organic, grown in the great state of Colorado, and third party tested for purity, potency and effectiveness. It’s the highest quality, non-GMO, CBD out there. Guaranteed!  Manufactured in the USA from seed to sale, we maintain the highest level of quality control. And potency!  It’s amazing how you have to read the fine print on CBD products.  I’ve seen products costing over $79 for only 100 MG of CBD or only containing CBD isolate!  That’s crazy!

My second revolutionary formula combines the power of 23 super foods with organic Hemp Seed Powder (no CBD) to aid you in restoring higher energy levels, ease digestion, and help you to enjoy feeling mentally sharp.

That’s because I also wanted to carry high quality NON-CBD herbal and hemp products. Though there is much misinformation about whether hemp is CBD, and some sellers will use the two words interchangeably, the reality is that hemp is not necessarily CBD.  But hemp is certainly a beneficial part of the Cannabis plant, containing valuable protein, fiber and much needed essential fatty acids.

My Hemp Super Food Powder contains 24 additional high nutrition organic herbs, berries and greens.

When it comes to our products, the Rena’s Organic® CBD we use is the best quality available on the planet! 

That’s because I want everyone to try the real thing! I want you to get the results that you’ve been praying for. For my clients suffering with various forms of discomfort or concerns, I added to the Rena’s Organic® line two unbelievably potent, high quality CBD creams, both containing a whopping 1000 MG of CBD. The results have been amazing! Before I added those two creams, I took a look around and saw that most of the CBD creams on the market had inferior or low amounts of CBD or they are filled with CBD isolate (lower quality CBD) instead of high grade full spectrum CBD.

So I added a cream to alleviate discomfort with ten times the potency! And the results speak for themselves . . . which is why I am offering it to you at no risk.

If you do want a lower potency relief cream, I have a Rena’s Organic® 500 mg. CBD cream available, too, and we’ve seen remarkable results with it as well. I’ve seen CBD lotions in doctor’s offices withvery low amounts of CBD in it.

One popular brand sold in doctors offices doesn’t even disclose the amount of CBD in the bottle. I want you to get the real thing and that’s why I’m offering my products at such a great value for the best quality CBD available anywhere—full spectrum, sub-zero extracted, using a multi-phase patented process, so you get maximum benefit.

Can We Get Our Nutrition From Food?

It would be wonderful if we could just eat a diet rich in phytochemicals and nutrients from raw plants, vegetables and fruits.  It would be even better if we weren’t exposed to stress and toxins in our environment, on a daily basis.  Imagine a world where our food and water weren’t contaminated with chemicals. Sadly, this world no longer exists.  Therefore, it’s likely that you need some extra help in getting the nutrition your body needs. You deserve to live a happy, relaxed life. I want you to wake up each morning with the vibrant energy and sharp mental focus you long for.



Rena Greenberg’s Weight Loss and Wellness Success Has been Featured in over 150 TV and Newspaper Stories

The Road to Health & Happiness

I am so grateful to be able to share this information with you and with people all over the world. It has changed my life and allowed me the blessing of helping thousands of others, too. People come from all over the world to see me for health coaching, in Sarasota, Florida, or on Skype or phone sessions.  I have found simple, yet profound life changing principles that make a real difference.

I am completely devoted to showing people how to change their lifestyle and diet to get the results they had previously dreamed of.  My clients stop smoking, lose weight, and reap all kinds of side benefits. It fills me with such joy when a client comes back to me and tells me that their doctor wants to know what they are doing. I love hearing reports of physicians taking their patients off or lowering medicines.old_people_smiling_happyold_people_smiling_happy

Your life is an open book. With a few simple tweaks you can create a much happier destiny.  I created this site so you can discover the life changing results that my clients are experiencing.  It is my deepest pleasure and honor to help as many people as I can to find true health. All the products on this Rena’s Organic® site are backed by my complete 30-day happiness money-back guarantee. The bottom line is this:  it works for you or it’s free.

Welcome to Rena’s Organic® ! I’m so happy to have you here and it’s my pleasure to guide you to greater health, energy and happiness. I love hearing from you so please connect with me by commenting on my Blog or on Facebook.  Thank you for being part of my community…

Never give up!

To Your Health & Happiness,


How do I choose the right CBD Store?

There are many CBD stores out there, so how do you decide which one is right for you? There are several factors to consider before deciding where to buy CBD oil. One of the biggest factors that will affect your buying decision is whether or not the store allows online purchases. Because Rena's Organic Store can offer you to buy their products online! 

Where do I Buy CBD Oil Online?

There are thousands of online stores to buy CBD oils, however, it is advisable to buy locally. Rena's Organic Store offers its high-quality products to you at the best price. You can also get a special discount if you sign up for our newsletters online! 

What products can I buy in Rena’s Organic CBD Store?

Rena's Organic CBD Store offers you its top products. You can choose from CBD Tinctures, CBD Powder, and even different CBD Creams! Rena's Organic CBD Store offers you the best quality at the lowest price possible. The store also offers different discounts for regular customers.

What types of CBD Oil near me can I find on the market?

There are many types of CBD oils on the market, and the reason it is recommended to buy locally is that some products can be harmful to your condition. However, Rena's Organic CBD Store offers you 100% organic quality products that will be just right for you!


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