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Full-Spectrum CBD Cream vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD

We mentioned it briefly, but you will come across both full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD creams. But, what are the differences here, and is one better than the other?

Full-spectrum CBD refers to an extract that contains full-plant elements. Essentially, the extract will have CBD, THC (0.3% or less), minor cannabinoids, and terpenes. Having all of these elements helps the plant’s phytochemicals work better overall, as per a phenomenon called the entourage effect. Studies show that, for example, CBD will function better in conjunction with THC and other cannabinoids, as the experience will likely be more all-encompassing. This is because other cannabinoids and terpenes have benefits, too! So, when we enjoy them all together, their benefits are celebrated more fully. The entourage effect is one of the biggest reasons why full-spectrum products are so popular — they simply produce the fullest effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, contains many plant compounds, but not all of them. These extracts contain CBD, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes, but absolutely no THC. So, for consumers who want to experience a bit of the entourage effect but don’t want to consume any THC, broad-spectrum extracts are ideal. While the experience may not be quite as potent, it’s still more effective than using just pure CBD isolate. 

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Where can I buy CBD Cream?

CBD Cream can be bought on different CBD Shops. We recommend you to try Rena’s Organic CBD Creams and choose the best one for you! You can order them now!


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