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Here are some common FAQs

Membership Questions

I am interested in becoming a member? Is there a monthly or annual fee?

Becoming a member is 100% free, yet, it will SAVE you lots of money. As a Rena’s Organic VIP Member you’ll get massive discounts on our products, immediately. Basically, all you do is sign up and you will receive emails with coupon codes and discount notifications. Thanks for being part of the Rena’s Organic family.

Tell Me More About CBD

How does CBD work? What does CBD do?

Scientists say that the greatest benefit of CBD is that it brings homeostasis, or balance, to the body. When the body is in balance, all systems function more optimally, including the immune system, hormones, blood sugar, and better brain function.

More and more people are turning to CBD for natural relief from suffering, and to help with feeling calmer, and improved energy and mood.

Why is CBD so expensive?

We use the absolute finest ingredients possible. I have been so frustrated by the confusion and misinformation I’ve seen when it comes to CBD products. I’ve seen products selling for $30-$80 that often have very little actual CBD in them. In fact they may be pure Hemp oil and nothing else. Honestly, that’s what motivated me to create this top quality line of Medical Grade high potency products. I want people to get the relief they deserve and that they’ve been longing for.

I am so proud of the fact that Rena’s Organic® products have high levels of potent, medicinal grade CBD. Additionally, all ingredients used by Rena’s Organic® are sourced only from the highest quality organic farms.

All my products and each ingredient in each Rena’s Organic® product comes with a third party certificate of analysis. Authentic, pharmaceutical grade CBD is an expensive ingredient because it takes a lot of plant material to yield a top quality medicinal product. I searched for a long time to find the best CBD on the planet, grown in the clean air state of Colorado, under strict organic and regulated farming conditions.

We stand behind all our products. They are all high potency and a little bit goes a long way. Plus we have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Despite the high cost of CBD, I strive to do everything I can to keep the price of Rena’s Organic the lowest and best price on the market. I want everyone experiencing physical or emotional discomfort to have the chance to try this amazing plant compound and feel the benefits!

Is CBD legal? What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It comes from the Cannibas Sativa plant, which is the same plant family that Marijuana is derived from. The two plants have very different compounds. CBD contains the plant’s miraculous medicinal constituents, but it will not alter you.

CBD has NO psychoactive component. It will NOT make you high. The Cannabinoids in CBD are what give the herb its medicinal effect and wide range of therapeutic benefits. The great news is that CBD is completely legal in the United States. You do NOT need a doctor’s prescription to get it.

Why do you want to make sure your CBD is grown from seeds sourced in the USA?

Agricultural or Industrial Hemp is a very absorbent plant. Therefore any toxins in the soil or air will be absorbed right into the plant and its seeds. That’s why you want to be certain that the CBD you buy is sourced only from a State that enforces mandated quality control (such as Colorado) and third party testing from a neutral source.

What’s the difference between CBD, Cannabis and Hemp?

CBD comes from the plant Cannabis Sativa, which is the same plant family that Marijuana comes from. But there are huge differences between the two compounds.  CBD does not make you “high.” Marijuana is a psycho-active substance and CBD is not.

CBD is the subject of thousands of scientific studies, because of its profound medicinal quality.  Also known as Industrial Hemp, CBD has been shown to decrease discomfort, bring relief from feeling nervous or fearful, improve sleep, improve mood and energy levels and restore most systems of the body back to their natural, healthy state.

This is because CBD is a powerful Cannabinoid that works on your bodies own Endo-cannabinoid system to bring homeostasis—or balance to the body.  Its function is to increase communication between systems of the body.

Doctors everywhere are now recommending CBD to their patients. Additionally, the United States Government has taken out a patent on it due to its desirable actions within the human body.

CBD has been found to be completely safe. It is legal to ship to all 50 states and requires no prescription.

Please do note that many products that say Hemp are not actually CBD and therefore have no medicinal Cannabinoids in them.  The term ‘Hemp’ can also be used for ordinary food grade hemp used to make fiber and clothing.  This can make purchasing CBD very confusing.

Since much “Hemp” that is being sold online is not “Industrial Hemp” or CBD, it’s essential that you do your homework. With CBD Super Cider®, you can feel assured that you are getting pure, organic, potent, Full Spectrum, authentic CBD, grown from seed to sale, in the clean State of Colorado.

How do you know which CBD to buy?

I understand how confusing it can be as a consumer. I felt the same way and that’s why I did so much research after I had an almost miraculous healing with my eye pressures using CBD.

I wanted to create the best product possible for you. I want everyone in physical or emotional discomfort to experience the amazing benefits that are possible with CBD. My 30-day money back guarantee speaks for itself.

 Rena’s Organic Brand Q&A

What makes Rena's Organic® products different from all the other supplements out there?

At Rena’s Organic®, we take pride in the fact that we use only the highest quality ingredients available. Our Pharmaceutical Grade, Full Spectrum CBD is organically grown in the great state of Colorado. The proprietary genetics of the plant material we use at Rena’s Organic® coupled with the high quality Super Critical CO2 extraction method insures the highest level of purity and potency available.

Full Spectrum means that the CBD contains a dense profile of Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Phyto-nutrients. That’s because we extract the CBD from the whole plant, not from Hemp seed (which has no medicinal value).

All the herbs (besides the CBD which is grown in Colorado) in our proprietary blends are organically grown in the farmland of rural Oregon, where our products are manufactured at an organic, CGMP certified facility. We use absolutely no GMOs.   As a result, the benefits our customers are having with the Rena’s Organic® concentrates, topical creams and blends are nothing short of amazing.

Which product do you recommend I start with?

Our most popular products are CBD Super Cider® and CBD Super Food Powder Blend. They’re both great for overall health, wellbeing, mood, hormones, energy and balance.

The CBD Super Food powder also has some amazing compounds to assist with digestion and elimination, and it has 23 superfoods, berries, greens and veggies. For better sleep, we’ve had terrific feedback on the Rena’s Organic® 1500 mg or 600 mg. CBD tinctures.

If you would like to start out slowly, then our lowest dosage of CBD in a tincture is 300 MG.

We’ve found that taking our CBD tinctures sublingually (under the tongue), is the fastest way to get the CBD into your bloodstream.

Our customers who are struggling with weight issues and food cravings tell us that Slender Cider® and Green Slender Cider have been a Godsend. CBD Super Cider helps with weight, too.

The best testimonials of all come from people using the 1000 mg. pain cream. Our Level One CBD 500 mg. pain cream is also a wonderful blend to help relieve nagging aches.

The 1000 mg. CBD beauty cream a very potent anti aging and beautifying cream. It’s been known to sooth minor skin irritations and blemishes, while improving the overall appearance and feel of your skin.

It really depends on which issues you want to address first. The great thing is that as a VIP member you can get all our amazing high quality products at a substantial savings.

Why is Rena's Organic® CBD better?

Our CBD is grown in an Organic farm in rural Colorado using the highest and best farming practices. The CBD we use is Full Spectrum, meaning it has all the nutrients, chlorophyll, polyphenols and terpenes from the whole plant, intact.

Rena’s Organic® CBD is extracted using the most state of the art technology, insuring that the quality of the end CBD product we ship to you is of the highest integrity.

All our products contain a very strong CBD potency, so you get the highest level of Cannabinoids in every drop. Cannabinoids are the compounds that create medicinal effects in your body, ranging from improving your skin to eliminating pain.

Don’t be fooled by cheap products that say “Hemp.” Hemp could very well be simply ‘Hemp Seed Oil,’ which contains absolutely no medicinal compounds. It’s confusing because CBD can also be called Industrial Hemp, but the term “Hemp” may not be CBD.

Also, inferior products often brag about high levels of CBD, but when you read the fine print, you may discover that they contain only 50-100 MG of CBD, if any. I’ve seen CBD “pain relief” ointment priced at $80 that never even reported on the label that there was only 200 MG. of CBD in it.

Compare that to Rena’s Organic® Easy Herb Power Pain Cream, which contains 1,000 MG of pure, organic, potent CBD. That’s right – one thousand milligrams of therapeutic CBD in each jar!

We even have a Level One Pain Cream, due to popular demand, which contains 500 MG. of our top of the line Full Spectrum CBD.

Worse, much of the CBD out there is sourced from China or Europe. Even if the CBD is grown in the United States, it’s likely that the seeds came from China, where there are minimal quality control standards.

What’s the best dose of Rena's Organic® CBD?

Finding the perfect dose of CBD is a very individual thing. Speaking about health and wellness over the last 30 years, my message has always been: listen to your own inner wisdom. The same applies when taking our wonderful nutrient-rich herbal products and CBD.

I suggest that whatever level you start at – all our products are clearly marked with the amount of CBD in the bottle – start with a few drops and build up from there. If you’re sensitive or just using CBD for prevention, a few milligrams per day may be all you need.

Most people say a perfect dose for health, well-being and pain control is 12 – 50 mg. per day, broken up throughout the day. Some people end up taking more than that, and some less.

The best way to find your perfect dose is to start with a 5-10 mg. dose before bed. Each product is clearly labeled, so depending on the potency, that may be one drop to half a dropper. If you sleep well and wake up feeling great, then you may have found your perfect dose.

If you feel groggy in the morning, cut back the next night. If you didn’t sleep well, then double your dose. The goal is to find the right amount of CBD that helps you to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed. Each time you change your dose, stay with it 3-4 days so you have time to take in the effects.

For energy, CBD Super Cider is best. Even just one teaspoon gives you 8 mg. of CBD. CBD Super Food is great for energy and for digestion and constipation. One scooper-full is just over 10 mg. of potent, organic CBD.

 Rena’s Organic Results & Guarantee

How soon can I expect to see results?

Right away. Many of our customers tell us that they experience immediate results. After the very first sip of CBD Super Cider®, people often say they feel better—more uplifted and energized.  The best results, however, are cumulative.

While taking CBD Super Cider® daily, you may notice that you feel more rested, more creative and discomfort disappears. You may sleep better, have fewer food cravings, feel happier and less nervous. You may notice that you have more stamina, more vitality and sustained energy.  These are some of the many benefits our customers report.

What if the products don’t work for me?

After 30 years in the wellness industry and having helped thousands, I created this high quality, medical grade line of Rena’s Organic® Easy Herb Power CBD products because I want everyone to have the chance to try CBD at a price they can afford.

At the same time I want you to be assured that you are getting the absolute best, safest and most therapeutic CBD on the market.

After all, what’s the point of paying a low price, if all you are getting is junk, right?

You can be assured that with Rena’s Organic® you are getting the highest 30 day money back guaranteepotency CBD possible and the most pure, organic and therapeutic, CBD at the best price. And on top of that promise, you are protected by my 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

I understand that everyone’s body reacts differently, even to the same ingredient.

I want you to be completely happy and that’s why I am offering you a chance to try CBD Super Cider 100% risk free, with my 30 -day money back guarantee.  If you are not completely happy with your results, for any reason, it’s free (less the cost of shipping).  Just call our USA based customer service and we’ll get that taken care of for you.

Quality Control and Third Party Testing & Analysis

What Quality Control Standards to you use?

We have extreme quality control so that every batch is vigorously tested to meet our high standards.

The CBD in all our Rena’s Organic® products is analyzed and certified by a third party. Rena’s Organic® CBD has eyes on it from seed to sale, meaning that every step of the way, it is tested for quality control.

The seeds we use come from Agricultural Hemp, using proprietary plant genetics that insure a superior end product. All our CBD is grown in Colorado, where the air is clean, the weather is perfect for CBD plant cultivation and the soil is free from toxins.

As an added bonus, our beautifying, anti-aging skin care cream, pain relief cream, CBD Super Cider and CBD Super Food Powder Blend, are loaded with additional therapeutic, healthy, natural organic ingredients, to increase the effectiveness of the CBD.

At Rena’s Organic®, we are transparent and want you to know exactly the therapeutic potency you are getting. Before you buy any CBD product, make sure you know what you are getting. Ask to see the third party certificate of analysis and testing.

Can I see your third party testing and analysis certificate?

Absolutely. At Rena’s Organic® we are completely transparent and want you to see the high quality CBD you are getting. See the complete profile of Cannabinoids that interact with your own Endo-cannabinoid system to bring healing to every cell of your body.

Also, indicated is the fact that there are no chemicals, pesticides or solvents. You can be assured that the CBD at Rena’s Organic® is pure and potent.  Never buy CBD without seeing a complete third party testing and analysis certificate.

Click Link to review recent and multiple 3rd party tests for all Rena’s Organic products.

CBD Super Cider and CBD Super Food

How safe is CBD Super Cider®?

100% safe. All the ingredients in CBD Super Cider® are organic, non-GMO, and completely natural and safe.  Each ingredient is independently analyzed and tested for purity and quality, at an independent 3rd party facility.

Scientific research confirms that CBD is completely safe and has no toxic indications even in large doses.  We believe that it’s always a good idea for you to check with your doctor prior to making any changes in diet or lifestyle that may impact your health.

What are the ingredients in CBD Super Cider® and CBD Super Food®?

CBD Super Cider labelCBD Super Food Label

How much CBD Super Cider® should I take?

Each person needs to find the dose that’s best for them.  Though the dose on the label is listed as one tablespoon one or two times per day, because it’s so potent, some people like to start out with just a teaspoon.

Most of our customers absolutely love the taste of CBD Super Cider® and like to take it straight up, like a shot.  You can also mix CBD Super Cider with water, if you prefer.  The benefits add up, so it’s best to take either a few teaspoons or tablespoons of this delicious herbal remedy, daily. We also have a fabulous CBD Super Cider Spray available to take with, and spritz in your mouth for a pick-me-up, or as a delicious salad dressing.

Does CBD Super Cider® taste good?

Yes! It’s absolutely delicious. The rich taste of organic cherry concentrate,
grown in the beautiful farmland of Washington State, gives CBD Super Cider® it’s robust flavor.

The best part is that while you are enjoying the delicious, fresh, pure taste, you can rest assured knowing there are absolutely no “flavors,” no toxic chemicals, no fillers, no sugar, no alcohol and no artificialor addictive sweeteners in CBD Super Cider®. CBD Super Cider® is a nutritious, organic healthy Elixir, loaded with therapeutic herbs and powerful Cannabinoids.

How much CBD is in each bottle?

Each bottle of CBD Super Cider® is filled with a generous 400 mg. of organic, full spectrum CBD.  Every serving (one tablespoon) contains 25 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD). In addition to the CBD, CBD Super Cider® is loaded with 7 other powerful Cannabinoids, creating a synergistically powerful health-promoting formula. Our once ounce bottle and Spray bottle each have 50 mg. full spectrum CBD and almost 5 grams of herbal cannabinoid formula.

How many bottles should I order?

If you just want to dip your toe in the water . . . start with one bottle so you can experience the wonderful benefits of Medical Grade CBD. Most people order 3 bottles to start with. This way you can take full advantage of the incredible savings, especially when you join our VIP Membership Club.  CBD Super Cider with the 1000 mg. pain relief cream is one of our best sellers and a lot of our customers go ahead and order the 6-bottle package to share with friends and family.

Slender Cider

Does Slender Cider® contain CBD?

No, it does not. Slender Cider® is an amazing aid for weight loss because so many of our customers tell us that it absolutely eliminates cravings and helps to reduce their appetite. Most people mix Slender Cider® or Green Slender Cider in water and sip it all day long (although it’s delicious as a shot).

Slender Cider® and Green Slender Cider alkalize, cleanse and have been reported to energize and aid digestion. Slender Cider is also an effective and powerful pre-biotic, providing nourishment for the friendly bacteria in your gut.

Slender Cider® and Green Slender Cider are both liquid herbal concentrates with 11 therapeutic herbs and essential oils in a base of raw, organic apple cider vinegar. They contain no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no fillers and no artificial sweeteners.

Just pure Concentrate loaded with nutrients in every drop.

Helping Others

Rena’s Organic donates a portion from every sale to All Hands All Hearts. All Hands All Hearts provides quick response and long-term aid to victims of natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. A+ Rated by Charity Watch. 96% of our donations go straight to those in need.