CBD Powder

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CBD Powder

There are a lot of CBD products for you to choose from these days. But, with how much selection there is, it can be a bit challenging to figure out what product is right for you. If you’re someone searching for a pure CBD product that’s not only effective but versatile, you’ve found the perfect option: CBD powder. But, just how effective is pure CBD powder, and can it compete with the properties of broad or full-spectrum extracts?

Here at Rena’s Organic, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, top-of-the-line broad-spectrum CBD powder and all it brings to our customers. So, let’s get right into it: what is CBD powder, and how does it work? Is it any better than full or broad-spectrum?

What is CBD Powder?

CBD isolate is a white powder substance that’s 99% pure CBD. The powder doesn’t have any smell or taste, nor does it have any psychoactive properties. This is because manufacturers make CBD isolate through a process that rids the extract of any terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Doing so leaves behind only CBD. From there, extractors grind down the crystal CBD substance, creating the powder texture we know and love.

Many CBD products still contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) as this is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, this is simply not the case with CBD isolates. These products will not — and should not — contain any amounts of THC. After all, that’s what makes them pure CBD powder! 

As a white powder substance, you can enjoy CBD powder in so many different ways. We’ll talk more about it later, but many people mix their isolate into their drinks for easy blend-ability and better taste. However, you can also choose to enjoy the substance sublingually, within food, or even as a topical. That’s one of the most significant advantages of powder CBD: it’s incredibly versatile. 

Keep in mind that you may come across this product in a few different textures. Don’t panic! This just comes down to preference from extractors and brands themselves. CBD isolate can either be a pure powder or a more crystallized substance. Along this line, you may also come across CBD powders that aren’t made from isolates. We’ll address it in a moment, but our own CBD powder uses a broad-spectrum blend instead of CBD isolate simply for efficacy. 


Why Water Soluble CBD Powder?

In Rena’s Organic own CBD powder, called CBD Super Food, we use a particular water-soluble broad-spectrum formula. But, why water-soluble CBD powder? What are the benefits? 

As CBD — and other cannabinoids — currently stand, they are fat-soluble compounds. This means that they require a fatty substance to cling onto and then break down when consumed. That’s why CBD oils are so popular: oils have high fat levels, making them a great binding agent for the CBD itself. 

While fat-soluble cannabinoids still work well in the body, they take longer to break down and activate. Water-soluble cannabinoids, on the other hand, break down in, well, water! To do this, experts have to shrink down cannabinoids using nanotechnology; once they’re minuscule, they’re able to dissolve in water effortlessly. Then, as soon as you consume it, the compounds can get to work much quicker than if they had to break down in fat instead. 

Rena’s Organic uses water-soluble CBD powder for you! You shouldn’t have to wait for hours for effects to kick in, and your CBD products should work to the best of their abilities. That’s precisely what water-soluble formulas do. The increased bioavailability that they provide enhances your CBD experience tenfold, helping you fully embrace the properties of your CBD powder. 

Simply put, water-soluble CBD powder is the best option for quick, effective consumption. 

Full and Broad-Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

We mentioned above that CBD isolate is pure CBD powder. However, here at Rena’s Organic, we do things differently. In our CBD powder, we use a carefully crafted broad-spectrum blend — not CBD isolate. So, why do we do this? How do these extracts compare?


When we talk about broad-spectrum extracts, this means that our CBD blend contains cannabidiol alongside other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Recent studies have shown that cannabis plant function best when all of their characteristics are enjoyed together. This idea is called the entourage effect. Essentially, researchers believe that if you consume CBD alongside other cannabinoids, you’re going to experience a better, more all-encompassing result than if you just consumed pure CBD — like in  CBD isolate. 

Rena’s Organic wants you to get the most out of our products, and that’s exactly why we utilize a broad-spectrum blend over isolates. While CBD isolates still have their own benefits, the results simply aren’t as effective as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum extracts. (Full-spectrum blends, by the way, contain trace amounts of THC.)

For most consumers, CBD isolates just don’t provide the benefits they need. Full and broad-spectrum products demonstrate a more efficacious result that consumers absolutely love. The minor cannabinoids paired with terpenes allow for fuller health benefits, as these phytochemicals all demonstrate their own advantages. So, instead of picking and choosing a few benefits out of the bunch, Rena’s Organic chooses to embrace them all and uses broad-spectrum over isolate formulas. 

In general, the best way to experience the benefits of a product like this one is to try it for yourself! When you buy our broad-spectrum CBD powder in CBD Super Food, you’re able to experience all the full-bodied properties firsthand, allowing you to see how your body reacts to such an all-natural, supportive compound. But, it’s important to always keep in mind that CBD Oil isn’t for everybody. If you don’t find any help from it, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you — your body just doesn’t like it as much as others! 

How to Enjoy CBD Powder 

Enjoying CBD powder is extremely straightforward, as we mentioned above. If you’ve never tried CBD isolate before, it’s important to start with just a small dose to see how it works in the body. Consuming low amounts slowly is the best way to have a comfortable, enjoyable CBD experience. 

For beginners, consuming your isolate CBD is easiest when you add it to a food or drink. While it’s more than possible to create your own CBD isolate tincture or topical, this can be somewhat complicated for first-timers. Instead, you can choose to turn to products like CBD Super Food, which makes it effortless to add your dose of CBD into your favorite drink. 

CBD Super Food

Rena’s Organic CBD Super Food is one of the most nutritious superfood formulas on the market today. This CBD blend contains 23 all-natural ingredients alongside 250 mg. of broad-spectrum CBD powder. By using ingredients like organic superfoods, fruits, and veggies, your body is getting a boost of health and wellness every time you consume it. But, when you pair those organic choices alongside our holistic broad-spectrum CBD, you’re giving your body the ultimate recipe for reaching homeostasis. 

We craft our CBD Super Food blend to provide a sense of balance and support to every person who consumes it. Our ingredients are carefully selected to bring out the best in you and help get you to where you need to be in your health journey. Every person will find unique benefits, but the blend may assist with immune health, digestion, cognition, and more. 

Oh, and did we mention that this CBD Oil blend tastes fantastic? When you add it to your drink, you don’t have to worry about consuming any unpleasant plant-like flavors. Instead, you’ll pick up on the notes of berries, juicy fruits, herbs, and superfoods. 


To consume Rena’s Organic CBD Super Food, all you have to do is add a small scoop of the powder directly into your water, smoothie, or other favorite beverage. Blend it well, until it dissolves. Then, drink your beverage like you would any other, and you’re likely to notice the isolate’s effects within just a few minutes. But, be patient! It may take your body longer to process the cannabidiol than others. Don’t consume more until you’re sure that the CBD’s had time to take effect. 

Again, beginners should take caution and start with a small dose. Try half of a scoop to start and see how your body reacts. If you find that this isn’t strong enough for the effects you desire, then you can try a full scoop next time. 

We promise that this CBD product isn’t like anything you’ve tried before — especially with our broad-spectrum blend. If you’re looking to provide your body with an extra dose of support, love, and sustenance, then Rena’s Organic CBD Super Food is the powder for you. We offer it in options of one jar, three, or six, depending on how much you want to purchase at once. The choice is yours! (But you will get free shipping if you buy three jars or more, just saying.)

Where to Buy CBD Oil Powder

If you’re hoping to buy CBD powder for yourself, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here at Rena’s Organic, we offer our CBD Super Food to every customer who is interested in trying a pure CBD powder. Our CBD Super Food is not only affordable, but it’s one of the most effective health blends available right now. 

To see everything that’s in our CBD Super Food, simply check out our product’s third-party lab-test results. These certificates of analysis illustrate the exact CBD levels in the product and show whether or not harmful contaminants have been found. These third parties test for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and more to ensure that you’re getting the purest product possible. 

When buying CBD powder online, make sure you always double-check with a brand’s test results. You never know if their powder is as pure as they say it is, and the best way to check is through their COAs. A reputable CBD Oil brand will always have their third-party lab-test results available to their customers to see even before purchasing their product. If you go to a brand’s site and can’t find their products’ test results, this is the biggest sign to choose a different brand — someone more transparent like Rena’s Organic. 

Buy CBD powder online through Rena’s Organic, and you’ll have your CBD Super Food to you in no time. Once you place an order, our team works tirelessly to ensure your products ship quickly and safely right to your doorstep, so you can enjoy your broad-spectrum CBD powder ASAP. We ship our products either same-day or within 72 hours of purchase, and we ship all throughout the US. After all, our products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. So, you won’t have any issue getting your package safe and sound. Rena’s Organic even offers free shipping for orders over $100, so stock up and save yourself some cash! 

Purchasing Powder CBD Through Rena’s Organic

The next time you find yourself interested in trying something new, consider the CBD Super Food from Rena’s Organic. As a product unlike any other, you’re getting to experience the supportive benefits of CBD alongside myriad other superfoods. What other CBD product can offer that? 

And, don’t worry! If CBD powder isn’t for you, Rena’s Organic offers a massive selection of other CBD products for you to choose from. We have full-spectrum options for those of you okay with a bit of THC, as well. There’s something for everyone on our site, and it’s our goal to help you find just what you need. Scroll through the product options we have available and select the ones that most appeal to you. Then, our team will have your product prepped and ready for you in just a few days’ time. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your pure CBD powder and all its benefits firsthand. What are you waiting for? Make a purchase today!  


What is CBD Powder?

CBD powder is CBD that has undergone a process of being powdered. This results in microscopic crystals on the surface, which can be viewed under a microscope. An intense warming sensation may occur with some brands due to the amount of plant matter and terpenes it contains.

What are the effects of CBD Powder?

CBD powder has many of the same effects as other cannabinoids. It has been known to reduce inflammation and seizure activity, improve mood and emotions, promote restful sleep, and more.

How do you take CBD powder?

CBD powder can be mixed with any type of liquid such as water or juice. You may also put it under your tongue for faster absorption. If you are using CBD to help with sleep or for anxiety, you can take it an hour before bedtime.

Where can I buy CBD Powder?

You can buy CBD powder from brands like Rena’s Organic. This company sells CBD powder online at reasonable prices. You can check it now!