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Rena’s Organic® Slender Cider® 8oz

Slender Cider® 8oz is a liquid herbal concentrate, using premium, organic herbs in a base of organic apple cider vinegar. It has no alcohol, no caffeine, no stimulants, no sugar, no artificial sugar and no fillers.

Slender Cider® 8oz is a powerful therapeutic herbal formula that promotes a sense of wellbeing, reduces the effects of stress, increases energy and assists with weight loss.

Slender Cider® 8oz gives you, not only, a refreshing and tasty elixir, but a vital, healthy ally that supports your body in achieving and maintaining proper digestive function and optimal well-being.

The supercharged benefits of Slender Cider® 8oz® can help:
  • Balance Blood Sugar
  • Control and Normalize Weight
  • Improve Digestion and Assimilation
  • Curb Hunger and Cravings
  • Maintain Proper pH in the Body
  • Remove Toxins from the Body
  • Stimulate the Immune System
  • Reduce the Effects of Stress


Slender Cider® 8oz is a premium herbal formula that uses only time-tested whole, organic, therapeutic herbs in a 6:1 ratio, using a multi-phase extraction process, so that you get the most complete benefits possible.

Slender Cider® 8oz is a nourishing, nutritious liquid blend of herbs to help you feel your best each day, reduce the effects of stress and increase your vitality.

Our Slender Cider® 8oz customers report not only losing weight, but also, an overall sense of energy and wellbeing.

Low-cost!! Tastes Great!!

A safe, tasty formula that helps to decrease appetite, promote healthy metabolism, revitalize and rejuvenate your cells and create vibrant energy and well-being.

Slender Cider® 8oz is a nourishing, nutritious proprietary formula that is rich in blood sugar balancing components and energizing factors that reduce appetite and snack cravings and help maintain a healthy metabolism. Slender Cider helps to cleanse the system and assist people who are working to lose weight healthfully, and want to stay energized and balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to take Slender Cider?

Most people like to pour one or two tablespoons of Slender Cider® 8oz Concentrate into a glass of water or Slender Cider® 8oz Drinking Bottle, and sip throughout the day. We’ve found that’s the best way to take Slender Cider® 8oz to boost weight loss and to eliminate food cravings and overeating.

Some people like to take Slender Cider® 8oz as a shot. It’s got a great kick and is a wonderful, healthy substitute for any caffeinated beverage.

Why not just take Apple Cider Vinegar?

After tasting Slender Cider® 8oz and experiencing the benefits, you’ll never go back to drinking plain old apple cider vinegar again.

Slender Cider® 8oz is infused with powerful, specially selected premium herbs to assist with weight loss, improve digestion, cleanse, alkalize and energize.

Raw, organic apple cider vinegar combined with therapeutic essential oils is infused into our proprietary herbal blend, to make Slender Cider® 8oz Concentrate a cutting edge formula.


Our customers love Slender Cider® 8oz and report extraordinary health and weight loss benefits. The best part is that Slender Cider® 8oz tastes great, too!

How much weight will I lose?

I’ve been helping people lose weight for almost thirty years. Some of my best weight loss successes have been on the Doctors Show, CNN, PBS and Good Morning America with me, having lost over 120 pounds.

Even though I’ve helped people with dramatic weight loss results, my philosophy is always: health first. Slow and steady wins the race.

Believe me, I know how uncomfortable it is to be overweight.  But the more desperate you get, the more likely you are sabotage your results, in the long run.

Slender Cider® 8oz is a wonderful weight loss aid that works best over time.  In fact, since I started drinking Slender Cider® 8oz, I dropped an extra five pounds without doing anything, and not even trying to. I find that Slender Cider® 8oz just eliminates the desire to overeat,  takes away any craving for harmful foods, and balances blood sugar.

Do you guarantee it?

Absolutely! We offer a complete 30-day money back guarantee on all our Rena’s Organic products. If for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Slender Cider® 8oz purchase, you can return it for a full refund (less shipping).  We want you to be completely happy! If you don’t like it: it’s free.

What does Slender Cider taste like?

Great question!  You may discern the delicious cinnamon, ginger or clove in Slender Cider® 8oz. Some people taste the luscious cherry flavor.  The cherry concentrate we use in Slender Cider® 8oz is only from freshly picked cherries, straight from the farm in Washington State.

We use no artificial flavors, and no so-called “natural” flavors either.  Slender Cider® 8oz’s ingredients include only pure, whole, real foods and herbs.  We think you’re going to love it!   What most people tell us is that Slender Cider® 8oz helps them to quit the toxic beverages they were drinking, like the flavored waters, artificially sweetened iced tea, or even the so called energy drinks that are loaded with stimulants and caffeine.


Slender Cider Weight Loss Plan

  • To enhance your success make a conscious decision to eat healthfully: fresh vegetables, high quality protein and complex carbs (see The Right Weigh, Hay House Publishing, by Rena Greenberg).
  • Avoid junk food and highly processed foods, especially sugar and white flour foods.
  • Eat only when you are physically hungry and just enough to satisfy your physical hunger.
  • Don’t skip meals. Tune into and notice when you are physically hungry. Feed yourself healthfully, as you would feed a baby.
  • Avoid deprivation by enjoying the healthy, water-rich foods that you are eating. Make sure there is enough healthy fat (olive oil, nuts, seeds) in your diet to satisfy and nourish you.
  • Take a walk and enjoy nature. Breathe deeply.
  • Spend some quiet time by yourself, preferably listening to Rena’s permanent weight loss with Easy Willpower cds (or visit

Directions for taking Slender Cider

Shake concentrate bottle well. Upon arising, take 1-2 capfuls (one tablespoon) of Slender Cider® 8oz
and mix it with 8 oz. water or juice and drink or sip it.

  • Move your body.
  • Wait 30-45 minutes and eat breakfast, preferably a healthy, whole grain carbohydrate or protein, nutritious food.
  • Before lunch, take 1-2 tablespoons of Slender Cider and mix it with 8-12 oz. water or juice and drink it, or sip Slender Cider mixed with water throughout the morning.
  • Eat a healthy lunch, preferably vegetables or salad with protein and only complex carbohydrate.
  • Before dinner, take 1 tablespoon of Slender Cider® 8oz and mix it with 8 oz. water or juice and it or sip Slender Cider mixed with water throughout the afternoon and evening.
  • Eat a healthy dinner, preferably salad or veggies with high-quality protein and only complex carbohydrates.
  • Before bed, close your eyes and imagine your perfect life – you the hero or heroin of your mental movie in great physical shape, healthy, active, smiling, contributing and living your best life. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts.
  • Optimal health is a mind-body effort. You must continue to take Slender Cider regularly in order to achieve the physical benefits.
  • Add Slender Cider® 8oz to your daily health regime and let taking Slender Cider® 8oz become a positive habit for you. . . It can truly change your life. . . Think of Slender Cider as a health tonic.
  • You don’t have to feel like you’re on a diet to lose weight. Dieting leads to deprivation. Instead, start eating healthier foods and eating only when you are physically hungry. Imagine that you prefer eating delicious, unprocessed, whole foods, as much as possible.
  • Instead of thinking about whether a food is good or bad, remind yourself of its effect on you. Ask yourself whether it’s worth putting a food in your system that will make you crave more of it.
  • Plan ahead. Keep healthy, high protein snacks and your Slender Cider® 8oz drinking bottle with you throughout the day.
  • When you are considering eating something, stop, take a deep breath and decide, “Is a moment’s pleasure on the tongue worth the physical, mental and emotional pain that being overweight and feeling out of control brings?”
  • Affirm that you are in control of your life and your eating habits!

What ingredients are in Slender Cider® 8oz?

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) helps to stimulate the digestion with a gentle heating action. May eliminate inflammation of the digestive tract, reduce bloating, heartburn and gas.

Turmeric Root

Turmeric Root

Turmeric Root (Curcuma longa) is a digestive tonic and a powerful antioxidant. May act as an anti-inflammatory protecting overall health. This herb, from India, has been known to stimulate the immune system and assist in maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Also can support the gallbladder and the liver.

Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis) is known as an immune building and antioxidant, Chinese herb. May aid in balancing and normalizing the body’s functions. Acts as a support and tonic to the kidneys, skin and other organs.

Lemon Peel

Lemon Peel

Lemon Peel (Citrus X limon) is a powerful tonic for the liver. Assists in stimulating the digestive process and in re-establishing the pH system of the stomach. Rich in citric bio-flavonoids and in citric- acid.

 Cleavers leaf

Cleavers leaf

Cleavers leaf (Galium aparine) is rich in calcium and potassium. Cleanses the lymphatic system, helps to eliminate toxins, purify the blood, and aids in clearing up the skin.

 Chickweed leaf

Chickweed leaf

Chickweed leaf (Stellaria media) flushes toxins and excess fluid from the body. Loaded with trace minerals, including potassium, calcium and fatty acids. May reduce inflammation and is known to purify the blood.

Cassia Bark

Cassia Bark

Cassia Bark (Cinnamonum aromaticum) A great digestive tonic. Helps to reduce flatulence, strengthens the stomach lining, supports healthy heart function and helps to eliminate yeast and fungi.

Fennel seed

Fennel seed

Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare) aids in creating a feeling of fullness and assists in digestion by calming the digestive tract. Curbs appetite and establishes gastrointestinal integrity. Assists in healthy weight loss, while reducing bloating and gas.

Anise seed

Anise seed

Anise seed (Pimpenella anisum) helps to establish healthy digestion. A calming herb that assists in reducing bloating, heartburn and stress.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum) is a rich source of potassium and a very powerful blood circulatory stimulant. Its heating action stimulates blood flow, improves circulation, and strengthens the digestion.



Clove (Eugenia carophyllata Myrtaceae) is a powerful herb to assist with healthy digestion. Energizes and promotes a healthy metabolism.

 Stevia Leaf

Stevia Leaf

Stevia Leaf (Stevia rebaudiana) in its pure form is an herb many times sweeter than sugar that can balance the blood sugar. In small amounts, it creates a feeling of fullness.

 Cherry Concentrate

Cherry Concentrate

Cherry Concentrate (prynusspp) is an excellent cleansing tonic that may assist with maintaining a healthy liver. High in potassium sulfate and potassium.

Lemon Concentrate

Lemon Concentrate

Lemon Concentrate (Citrus Limon) may suppress the appetite, balances the pH, provides minerals.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a digestive aid that has an appetite suppressing and stringing action in the digestive system that helps balance the pH.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine in 400 B.C. used Apple Cider Vinegar to treat his patients. In addition to being documented as a very effective weight loss aid, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is also known for its powerful healing, cleansing, antibiotic and antiseptic qualities. It’s rich in enzymes, nutrients, organic acids and potassium.

Not all Apple Cider Vinegar is created equal. Our proprietary Slender Cider herbal formula is made in a base of Raw, Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar with all the nutritious minerals and enzymes intact.

Essential oil Flavoring Blend

Essential oil Flavoring Blend

Essential oil Flavoring Blend: A high quality appetite suppressing essential oil blend to improve the actions of the herbal formula. Aids in calming the stomach to help curb hunger, improve digestion and enhance the effect of the herbs.

Essential Oil of Ginger Root(Zingiber officinale) is warming, antiseptic, reduces gas and flatulence, stimulates digestion.

Essential Oil of Lemon (Citrus limon) is antiseptic, astringent, skin cleansing, stimulates cleansing of toxins from the body.

Essential Oil of Orange Peel (Citrus sinensis) is astringent, antiseptic, has a cleansing action in the digestive system.

Meet Rena Greenberg

Rena Greenberg, Celebrity Health & Wellness Speaker and Coach, has been helping people lose weight and get healthy for 30 years. Since 1990, her wellness programs have been reviewed and sponsored in 75 hospitals and 100+ corporations across America, including Disney and AT&T.

She is the best selling author of the Hay House book, The Right Weigh and The Craving Cure. Her success has been featured in over 150 TV and newspaper stories including on CNN, Good Morning America, ABC-TV Nightline, The Doctors Show, FOX News, NBC TV, Woman’s World Magazine and her own show on PBS.

Rena has been featured on:


Customer Reviews

sc Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.8 based on 18 reviews.
5 1

I Lost 30 lbs and kept it off with Slender Cider “My cravings are totally gone! Slender Cider has made an incredible difference for me. I feel more balanced and more healthy. I’ve lost 30 lbs and kept it off. Drinking Slender Cider is the only thing I’m doing differently so I know that Slender…
- Dawn Opitz

better concentration, more energy “I lost three pounds in 2 weeks with no effort at all! And I definitely have better concentration and more energy.” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Linda Barron

makes me eat less and gives me more pep “I feel much more energized with I drink Slender Cider and it makes me eat less. In two weeks, I’ve dropped 2 pounds without even trying. It takes away my craving for sweets or carbs. I love the taste – even straight from the bottle!” Disclaimer:…
- Diane Lane

no more cravings for sweets “The desire for sweets, carbs and popcorn is completely gone!” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Frank Maggese

I lost a few pounds in just the first week “In just the first week I lost a few pounds. I get a burst of energy every time I drink Slender Cider.” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Eileen Schwebel

gives me more energy “Slender Cider takes away my desire for snacks and sweets, and it gives me a lot more energy.” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Cheryl Jann-Ferreira

Thank you for Slender Cider! “I truly enjoy drinking Slender Cider. I’ve lost weight and feel great. Thank you for this amazing product!” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Diane Ross

I love Slender Cider! “Slender Cider is wonderful! I’m eating less carbs, smaller portions and preferring healthier foods. I have less brain fog and my ulcerative colitis is completely in control now. I love to drink Slender Cider in the afternoon, because I know my dinner will be much smaller.” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary…
- Maryann Laporte

Slender Cider is fantastic! “Slender Cider is fantastic! I definitely have more energy and feel healthier when I drink Slender Cider. It’s easy to lose weight and my friends tell me how good I look. I love the taste – just a hint of soothing ginger. Slender Cider is the real deal!” Disclaimer: Actual results…
- Kevin Dayson

Greater energy level “I am truly impressed with how much more energized I feel when I drink Slender Cider.” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Mike Hagan

curbs my appetite “I really like the flavor of Slender Cider and I’m losing weight. I’ve been taking 4-5 tablespoons a day in my drinking bottle. It makes a huge difference. I absolutely intend to keep taking it!” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Charlie Pillot

I’m losing weight and feeling great “I’m losing weight and I feel terrific! Thank you for Slender Cider –it’s wonderful!” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Debbie Reynolds

very pleased with Slender Cider “I am very pleased with Slender Cider. While drinking slender cider I inadvertently cut back on my coffee intake and I don’t miss the coffee at all.” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Nurit Baron

I feel more at peace and calmer “When I take Slender Cider, I feel more at peace and calmer. I am satisfied with smaller portions and have less of an appetite. I love the taste–not quite sweet, but a really good natural flavor that has a calming effect. I would definitely recommend Slender Cider to…
- Anna Albero

Improved Digestion, Better Sleep “When I drink Slender Cider, I definitely sleep more deeply. Slender Cider calms bloating and helps my digestion. Plus, I really love the taste.” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Robin Drape

More alert, more stamina “Slender Cider gives me more stamina and I feel much more alert. I have greater energy and endurance and I’m falling asleep much more easily. I’ve also dropped three pounds in three weeks and feel fabulous!” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.
- Lynn Reichling

More focused “Drinking Slender Cider actually makes me feel happier. I can taste how pure and natural the ingredients are. I don’t feel stimulated but calmer, more focused and clearer with higher energy. My blood sugar feels more steady and it’s a lot easier to eat healthier and cleaner.” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from…
- Vaishnavi Kim Lewis

We Love Slender Cider “My husband and I started drinking Slender Cider everyday and we love it!” Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another
- Nicki Lynch

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sc Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.8 based on 18 reviews.
5 1

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