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The world is on a CBD high, and we couldn’t be happier! It’s always gratifying to see people taking care of their health through organic means. And with the many benefits surrounding CBD, the buzz is definitely warranted.

Anything that is on people’s minds is bound to find itself on mainstream media. That’s why CBD related podcasts have been on the rise. Here are some of our favorites that you can tune in to on your next car ride to work.

The CBD Ed Show

Whether you’re looking to debate your skeptical co-worker or simply want to bring yourself peace of mind about CBD use, the CBD Ed Show is the way to go.

It has knowledgeable guests such as researchers, health professionals, and industry experts on, and the show has started a constructive conversation around CBD use. Many of the topics revolve around the many questions people have about CBD products, and the episodes also expand on the health benefits with scientific explanations. One of the latest episodes discussed reasons why CBD products are taking precedence over alcohol among the older generation.

Adam Dunn Show

adam dunn show logo

If you like your podcasts with a bit of humor, then The Adam Dunn Show will be right up your alley. Laughs, interesting guests, and profound conversations about CBD are just some of the many great things about the show.

The weekly podcast revolves around cannabis use, trends, history, and the prevalence of CBD products in current society. From debunking rumors to having insightful conversations with industry experts, you’ll be entertained the whole time!

CBD School

Class is in session, and the topic of the day is… CBD! That’s exactly what’s in store when you tune in to the CBD School podcast—all the knowledge you need on the history and the various uses of cannabis.

With a mission to dispel the mystery surrounding CBD, the podcast asks all the burning questions on everyone’s mind. It covers the politics, legalization, and health benefits tied to CBD. You will even learn to tell the difference between a male and a female cannabis plant! So, if you would like to be a CBD school graduate, be sure to tune in.

All these interesting podcasts are bound to entice you to try the transformative effects of CBD yourself. That’s where we come in! If you would like high-quality CBD products with the best potency, shop our collection. Every product in our collection is lab certified, so be sure to browse through and buy our pure and organic CBD!

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