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Oregano: a Powerful Anti-Oxidant

Oregano is a common spice found in Italian Restaurants worldwide–and in most household kitchens as well.  It turns out that Oregano has been used since Ancient times, not just to flavor food, but medicinally as well. Oregano is a powerful anti-oxidant, antibiotic and anti-bacterial herb with powerful healing properties.

The active ingredient found in Oregano is Carvacrol.  Scientific research has proven Carvacrol to be an effective agent for killing off threatening organisms such as e-coli and salmonella.

From treating food poisoning, to eliminating nail fungus and intestinal parasites, to easing menstrual symptoms to increasing vitality, Oregano, has anti-fungal and anti-viral and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Oregano has been used effectively to treat candida infections, acne, insect bites and warts.

In this short video, Rena Greenberg, Creator of Rena’s Organic medical grade CBD products, shares with you some of the hidden benefits of Oregano and a surprisingly easy way to ingest it.

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