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More and more people are hearing about the astonishing benefits of CBD to help with sleep, pain, anxiety and overall wellbeing and health.One of the first things to look for when shopping for CBD is the extraction method. Butane extraction is very common because it is a fairly inexpensive way to extract CBD from the plant.  The problem with extracting with Butane is that it’s not very efficient and can leave behind traces of heavy metals, which can cause serious health problems down the road.

What is Super Critical CO2 Extraction?

Hemp plantsSuper Critical CO2 Extraction is a more expensive way to extract the CBD from the raw plant material.

However, it is by far the best way to do it.  When you are shopping for CBD, please make sure that the extraction method used is Super Critical CO2.  Here’s why:

Super Critical CO2 extraction is the most reliable way to insure that the terpene levels (healing plant essential oils) and the cannabinoids in the CBD stay intact.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the medicinal component of CBD and what makes CBD so effective in helping with all sorts of ailments from low energy to insomnia to excessive worry to debilitating pain in the body.

The Cannabinoids in CBD attach to receptor cells throughout the human body, influencing every system in the body to achieve and maintain a state of homeostasis—or balance.

How is CO2 Extraction Different?

Some less expensive extraction processes actually reduce the cannabinoid levels in the CBD, or essentially deactivate the cannabinoids during the extraction process.

The Super Critical CO2 Extraction avoids this potential problem because it maintains the vital, medicinal compounds that give the plant its miraculous healing reputation.How Does the Extraction Process Work?

CO2 or carbon dioxide is a supercritical liquid.  This means that when placed under severe pressure, it converts into a fluid. The CO2 then extracts the healing essential oils from the plant material.

This is a safe, effective and expensive process that insures that there are no chemical residues in the final product.At our certified organic and GMP facility, the highest quality plant material is placed into medical grade extraction machines. When the cooled CO2 is applied to the plant material in the extraction tube, only the cannabinoids, terpenes and trichomes are left.

The mixture is then heated slightly causing the CO2 to evaporate. Only pure CBD oil, rich in healing essential oils and cannabinoids, remains.

At Rena’s Organic we use the latest medical technology to extract our premium, proprietary genetics CBD, utilizing only Supercritical CO2 Extraction process.

Our laboratory facility meets the highest standard in the industry, for quality, safety, production and cleanliness.   Additionally, each batch is 3rd party analyzed and tested for purity and potency. Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our 3rd party analysis, in our FAQs, to see the purity of the product that you are going to be putting into your body.

This insures the highest quality end product and guaranteed potency every time.

Rena’s Organic products yield the highest level of organic, pure, potent CBD, with absolutely no chemical residues.

Rena’s Organic CBD then interacts with your Endo-cannabinoid system to reduce inflammation or pain so you can once again enjoy living your life to the fullest.

Please feel free to reach out to me, personally, with any questions. And I love to hear your success stories, too!

To Your Health & Happiness,

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