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Slender Cider has been so helpful in getting children and adults off soda, and off other junk as well. Slender Cider’s alkalizing, energizing and cleansing effect helps bring balance to the body and cut cravings for sweets.

So many of my clients have used Slender Cider to help them get off soda.

Here are 5 more reasons not to drink diet soda:

  1. Diet soda drinkers have a much higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

2. Aspartame is linked to high blood pressure, sleep disorders, fatigue and dizziness.

3. Belly fat is 70% more prevalent in people who drink diet drinks.

4. Diet soda drinkers soon block out the connection between sweet tastes and weight gain, leading to overeating, obesity and higher blood sugar levels.

5. Aspartame wears down your tooth enamel and contains more acid than battery acid.

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