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Rena talks about CBD on the Frankie Boyer Show

What an honor to be a guest on the Frankie Boyer Show!  Other guests on the Frankie Boyer Show include Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, Suzanne Somers and Ed Asner. Wow! That’s impressive!

Frankie’s show is so popular because of her uniquely intelligent and inspiring interview style.  She truly is a joy to listen to and talk with.  On her one-of-a-kind Cannabis from A to Z Show, so many stories inform and entertain, as you learn all there is to know about Cannabis.

As you listen in to my conversation with Frankie on her top-listened to podcast, you’ll learn many things about CBD that you likely didn’t know before, including what to look for each and every time you buy CBD, from any source at all, and other important little known facts to boost your success with this “miracle plant compound.”

Listen in here: Rena on Biz Talk Radio on the Frankie Boyer Show

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