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You probably noticed that toilet paper is in high demand these days. But did you know that Whole Foods is also sold out of organic apple cider vinegar?

That’s because educated health food shoppers know that organic, raw, apple cider vinegar, with the “Mother,” has incredible immune boosting properties. Why? Because it’s a powerful pre-biotic.

No doubt you’ve heard about the many health benefits of taking high quality probiotics. And you’ve probably also heard about the vast amount of scientific research pointing to the fact that good health begins in the gut.

That’s why raw, organic apple cider vinegar, with its abundance of live enzymes and nutrients is an incredible health and immune builder.


What’s even better than raw apple cider vinegar?

To ramp up the effectiveness (and improve the taste of organic apple cider vinegar), you can blend this remarkable superfood with powerful immune and health building herbs. That’s exactly what you get when you drink Rena’s Organic Slender Cider and Super Cider products.

Each organic herb and superfood in these formulations was hand-picked for its healing, cleansing and immune building properties.

Even Slender Cider and Green Slender Cider that have helped so many clients to lose weight, cut cravings for carbs and balance their blood sugar also have amazing alkalizing and health-promoting properties, perfect for individuals of any size.

Even though I’m at my ideal weight, I’m drinking Slender Cider every day, especially now more than ever, to keep my immune system strong!

Hemp Super Cider (non-CBD), Slender Cider and Green Slender Cider formulas, are not only in a base of raw, organic, apple cider vinegar to help build a healthy immune response and improve digestion, but they each were formulated with a unique and generous proprietary herbal formula.


Some of the immune building herbs include:

Echinacea – Most famous for its cold and flu-fighting properties, this healing herb, particularly the root, has been used to stimulate the immune system and help ward off infection.


Turmeric – Used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb in India, many scientific studies show the effectiveness of turmeric for building health and combating disease. Curcumin or Turmeric, is a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and mood booster. Turmeric is also known as an immunomodulating agent, meaning it assists higher functioning of the immune system.


Helichrysum – Known to help boost the immune system and increase the effectiveness of the body’s endo-cannabinoid system. Helychrysum also helps reduce the inflammation associated with many diseases as well as the irritation in the airways and nose caused by coughing.


With coronavirus fears on the rise daily, I’ve stepped up my prayer and meditation time to invoke greater spiritual and emotional strength.

At the same time, to strengthen my physical, I have been increasing my daily dose of Hemp Super Cider (which I like to drink as a shot) and Slender Cider and Green Slender Cider, which I’m generously adding to my water bottle (2-3 tablespoons per day).

For those not wanting CBD or on a lower budget, Hemp Super Cider is a delicious herbal blend loaded with 40 grams of top quality, immune building, strengthening and balancing herbs, with no CBD.


Broad Spectrum CBD now Available

If you want CBD, but are at all concerned about even the least amount of THC, I am thrilled to let you know I now have Broad Spectrum available.

Full Spectrum is still the preferred way to go because it truly contains the full array of cannabinoids, phytonutrients and terpenes from the whole plant.

However, full spectrum CBD does contain less than point three percent THC. THC is the compound in Cannabis that gets you high.

Less than .3% is not enough to create any psycho-active effect. However, some people prefer to have zero THC, to reduce any risk of testing positive for Cannabis.


Why I will NOT sell or use CBD Isolate

Even though Broad Spectrum is much more expensive than cheap isolate—which also contains no THC, I am happy to absorb the cost. I refuse to carry cheap isolate CBD in any of my products because my main focus is results.

I don’t want you to waste your money on something that isn’t going to be effective.

That’s why my broad-spectrum CBD product’s price remains the same as the full spectrum – in fact, I’m so happy that I’ve been able to actually lower the price of Rena’s Organic CBD Super Cider, the CBD tinctures and creams for you.  I’m hoping to maintain this site-wide sale as long as I can.

Plus, now you have the option to have zero THC in your products as well.


Free LIVE Hypnosis Session with Rena to Relieve Anxiety in Stressful Times

I truly appreciate your being part of the Rena’s Organic family and VIP Club.  It’s natural to be on edge with the state of affairs the world is in. We don’t know yet what we are truly facing.

That’s why I am inviting my entire Rena’s Organic and Easy Willpower family to a free online live hypnosis session on Thursday, “Live Hypnosis – Releasing Anxiety in Stressful Times.”

Learn more and sign up here: Rena’s FREE LIVE hypnosis session: Releasing Anxiety in Stressful Times

I hope to see you there!

Stay healthy. Stay Strong. We’ll get through this!

Learn more about state-of-the-art herbal and organic apple cider vinegar formulations or click here to purchase while supplies last:  Rena’s Organic Cider Products on Sale HERE

Much Love and Peace to You,

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