• Easy Healthy Meal & Snack Recipes Easy Healthy Meals and Snacks March 16, 2018 Posted in: Healthy Living Blog - Healthy eating and living can be fun and easy. In this short video, which is an excerpt from my last show on PBS, you’ll learn some great ideas for healthy snacks and meals. A healthy lifestyle is best if it includes eating whole, real, clean, unprocessed food from the earth. My goal is to use […]
  • Rena’s Organic offers one of the highest quality CBD creams on the market -  CBD Relief Cream, CBD cream for back discomfort, CBD relief lotion for muscles, joints and aches Cathy Loses 93 lbs in 8 months! December 27, 2012 Posted in: Healthy Living Blog - I’m so excited – I’m down 93 pounds since my sessions with Rena and drinking Slender Cider in just 8 months. Even through the holidays, I notice I’m eating whatever I want, but just a little bit. It feels so good to be in control. Slender Cider helps me both physically and mentally.
  • Style magazine features slender cider Style Magazine features Slender Cider October 16, 2012 Posted in: Healthy Living Blog - Style Magazine By: Su Byron Slender Cider Apple cider vinegar was a popular home remedy in ages past. Today, it’s become popular again. Many people swear by its powers to regulate skin pH, cure allergies, aid digestion, control weight and even keep fleas off pets. Rena Greenberg is one of them. The Sarasota entrepreneur, author, […]
  • drinking diet soda 7 Side Effects of Soda October 4, 2012 Posted in: Healthy Living Blog - Slender Cider has been so helpful in getting children and adults off soda, and off other junk as well. Slender Cider’s alkalizing, energizing and cleansing effect helps bring balance to the body and cut cravings for sweets. So many of my clients have used Slender Cider to help them get off soda. Here are 5 […]
  • Freedom with Easy Herb Power Uplifting Slender Cider Video January 3, 2012 Posted in: Healthy Living Blog - Slender Cider is an all new herbal tonic that promotes mind-body health. Slender Cider is a nutritious, nourishing concentrate made with 11 therapeutic herbs in a base of organic apple cider vinegar. This video contains beautiful images, music to make you want to smile and dance, information about Slender Cider and inspirational quotes. Watch to […]
  • vegetables and easy herb power Add Healthy Herbs into Your Diet November 3, 2011 Posted in: Healthy Living Blog - Many of you know that I have always recommended eating unprocessed, water rich food from the earth for optimal health – preferably organic, if possible. One frequently overlooked way to enhance and optimize health is by using unprocessed herbs and spices. Herbs are very low in calories, while being dense in vitamins and minerals. Did […]

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